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What to wear to a wedding.......while pregnant!

Posted on 1/06/2009 in Style

Weddings are a time when family and old friends gather, when we catch up with people we haven’t seen for a while, and in preparation, most of us want to lift our glamour level above the everyday and look fabulous. While it may be bad manners to outshine the bride, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best.

“What will I wear?” is the eternal question of pregnant women, and doubly so when invited to a wedding. You – and your belly – will be on show. While you might have several perfect dresses to pick from in your normal wardrobe, chances are, pregnancy has changed your shape a little. It’s natural to feel a little disgruntled when your wardrobe is full of things you can’t fit into and you seem to be recycling the same clothes over and over again. And even the most well planned maternity wardrobe doesn’t tend to take special occasions into account.

We recently had a customer write to tell us that she had been dreading attending a friend’s wedding, as she was feeling short on glamour at 8 months pregnant. Luckily Queen Bee came to the rescue with our Sparkle Evening Dress in black, which she tells us she “was thrilled to find fit me perfectly and looked fantastic! I attended the wedding, head held high and had a great, yet tiring night.” We think our silk empire line dress which was featured in a recent fashion spread is also simply stunning for evening wear. For special occasions, it really is worthwhile having at least one superlative outfit which will have you feeling the way you should; glowing and beautiful!

Dresses still seem to be the most popular choice for the ladies, and the options are wide ranging. If you like attention-getting colours you’ll love this sexy bright blue v-neck front tie dress or emerald blue ¾ sleeve babydoll dress by LIL. If your taste runs more to the quietly elegant, try this flowing sage dress or this long sleeved tulip print dress. The softly flowing full length halter-neck maxi dress by LIL is also beautifully elegant.

But we’re all about versatility at Queen Bee, and we know you’ll agree it’s great to have pieces which when dressed up and accessorised will take you to a wedding in style but can also be worn again and again on other less formal occasions. Many of our clothes can easily be dressed down for casual wear, which makes them even harder to resist. For a great versatile two piece outfit, why not pair our ruffle wrap skirt with one of our maternity tops, like this beautiful off the shoulder top, or try this sexy evening tube, stylish tunic, or beaded silk top with your favourite dressy maternity pants and heels.

Remember pregnancy can make you a little more emotional than normal too, so if you’re the sort who cries at weddings anyway, don’t forget to pack an extra hanky!

love hannah



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