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Tips for choosing the right pram

Posted on 27/06/2019 in Motherhood

How to make the best choice for your family and lifestyle

Choosing a pram is probably one of the biggest (and most exciting) purchases you will make before baby arrives. It’s when it all starts to feel real, that first test-drive through the baby store is exciting, but some mums-to-be can feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to choices to make and the amount of prams available in the marketplace. So, for our latest blog post, we have gathered some of our top tips for making an informed choice when it comes to choosing the right pram.

Bassinet & Seat, Baby Seat or Capsule Adaption?

With so many models available to parents on the market, a good place to start is possibly looking at the configuration of the pram for your newborn.

A bassinet will safely keep your bub on flat his or her back, which will allow for healthy spine development during the first couple of months until they outgrow it. There are prams that come with both a bassinet and a baby seat configuration, so that you can modify and update your pram as your baby grows.

Pictured- Joolz Day2 Basinet

Pictured- Joolz Day2 seat confirmation

If you are using a portable capsule for your newborn, there are many prams on the market with capsule adaptors- which means that you can also use your capsule instead of a bassinet, or, as well as a bassinet.

Pictured- Bugaboo Chameleon with capsule

Planning for the Future - Do you need a Double Pram?

It might be worth considering for the long-run whether or not you should consider purchasing a double pram, or a pram that can convert to a double.

There are lots of options here for you to think about and it is really a matter of taking them for a test drive to establish what works for you.

There are side-by-side configurations, as well as double up prams with more of a stacking style. When looking at these different styles, think about the weight of the pram as well as how they pack down, you want this to be as light and simple as possible- especially when dealing with two children!

Pictured - Britax Double Pushchair

Pictured - Safety 1st Envy stroller

Choose a Pram to Suit Your Lifestyle

Now that you have a good understanding of the different configurations that are available to you, it’s a good idea to consider your lifestyle and what pram might be the best fit.

Are you an active family? Do you do lots of walks? Live in the city and love to shop? Go to the beach often? Love to travel?

These are questions to ask when looking at different models and brands. Whilst a three-wheeler pram might be great for a jogger who loves to hit the pavement, it might not be the ideal choice when it comes to shopping and navigating the city.

When shopping around for prams, also think about:

  • Weight and size: practice picking up the pram, you will be getting it in and out of the car countless times, so you want to make sure you are comfortable with it’s weight.
  • Ease of use: practice setting it up and down to make sure that you feel confident in using it when you are out and about.
  • Take it for a good test drive: get used to maneuvering it in and around smaller spaces, how well do the wheels turn? A good pram should be able to navigate tight spaces and turns for you.
  • How much storage space does it offer? Take a good look at the shopping basket storage- some prams are known for their storage whilst others don’t have much to offer you If you already have a baby bag, make sure it fits in the underneath basket.
  • How often will you travel? If you plan to travel, it is always a good idea to work out how your pram will travel, or if you need to purchase a pram bag for the plane.


Last, but definitely not least, you should definitely have a budget in mind- however, be prepared to be flexible if you find the perfect pram and it is just slightly out of reach. There are always layby options- it’s a great idea to get in early with your pram order and pay it off ahead of your due date.



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