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Maternity Style Blog

Welcome to our maternity blog - your resource for fun and interesting pregnancy facts, the latest wellness and nutrition for you and baby, how to style your bump each season with our fabulous range of maternity clothes, plus be inspired with advice from  other Mother bees from all over the globe. Find out how we give back to the community and the charities we support and embrace your maternity style with confidence. 

Here at Queen Bee our purpose is to inspire women with confidence and style during their journey into motherhood. 

Discovering your stylewe believe fashion can make women feel good about themselves and during pregnancy that encouragement is vital.  
discover your style and embrace your changing body with confidence

WellbeingA healthy, confident and happy mum to bee = a happy family.  
We believe emotional health and wellbeing are important elements for a positive journey into motherhood

Be InspiredWe encourage mums and mums to bee to think positive and take inspiration from our Insta community.  
Positive affirmations have the ability to motivate us and make our day

Integrity and Charitieswe believe in ethical business.  we encourage teamwork and trust within QB.  we recycle and embrace karma - we like to give back to the community by sponsoring children through World Vision, supporting causes and donating where we see appropriate


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Home Makeover Hacks For A Happier And More Comfortable Pregnancy

By making your living space more functional and comfortable, you can enjoy all nine months of your pregnancy and look forward to the new addition to your family
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Looking After Your Hair Naturally During Pregnancy

Changes to your hair are to be expected during pregnancy. For some women, dramatic hormone shifts during the first trimester can cause hair loss of up to 300 hairs a day.
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Exercising with Baby on Board: Eight Fun Ways

If you’re babysitting and would like to work on your fitness goals, there are several workouts you can exercise with a baby. The workout routines shouldn’t necessarily be complicated or highly-intensive, provided they are effective.
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Guide for Choosing the Right Maternity & Nursing Bra

It can be confusing trying to choose the right maternity or nursing bra as your body changes. Here we guide you through the different characteristics of what to look for in a good maternity bra.
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Preggers Gradient Compression Maternity Hosiery

Compression has long been used to help prevent swelling and combat tired, achy feet and legs. True gradient compression helps improve blood flow. The garments are tightest at the ankle and the tightness gradually decreases up the leg. This naturally helps the body promote better circulation.
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