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Maternity Style Blog

welcome to the mama hive! 

Your destination for fun and interesting pregnancy facts, the latest health and wellness for you and baby, how to style your bump each season with our fabulous range of maternity clothes, plus be inspired with helpful advice and tips from our wonderful contributors each month. We’ll aim to bring you the best finds for mum and bub from around the globe, so you’ll be ready to conquer motherhood. 

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Fitness During Pregnancy - How to Stay Healthy

Staying fit and healthy during pregnancy is vital for not only a mother, but the developing baby. Here are some tips to keep active while pregnant.
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Your Ultimate Guide to Postpartum Shapewear

It can be confusing to know which style of postpartum shapewear is right for your situation and lifestyle; we’re here to take you through all the options available to you, so you can make the best decision for you.
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3 Tips For A Stress-Free House Move While Pregnant

Moving homes can be an incredibly stressful time for anyone. Research found that 1 in 3 Australians rank moving homes as the second most stressful event, right after experiencing a divorce.
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The Surprising Benefits of Music for Pregnant Women and Their Unborn Baby

If this is your first pregnancy and you wonder why so many mums spend time listening to or playing music to their unborn babies, science has an answer for you: it actually works!
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What to Wear to Sleep While Breastfeeding?

Queen Bee unpacks sleepwear apparel and what to wear while breastfeeding. Learn about sleeping in a nursing bra and top pick pajamas, read more!
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