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Pregnancy Fashion Solutions

Posted on 7/03/2015 in Style

With so many changes happening to your body during pregnancy, here are some fashion solutions to help adjust to your new found curves.  From jeans no longer fitting, tops too short now, wanting a seamless look under a special occasion dress or a solution for preventing swollen, tired legs - then see our solutions below!

The TummyTie® was designed to allow people to continue to wear their regular sized pants or skirt when they are pregnant or have gained weight. It is made from a simple elasticised strip and is fastened to your jeans using the existing button and buttonhole.  It's a quick, simple and cheap alternative to help wear your existing jeans a bit longer.

The BellyBelt is a more advanced solution for wearing your existing jeans and pants longer. It comes with several coloured fabric panels and different sized elastics which fit together without exposing your underwear underneath the zipper.  

Celebrating our 10th year in 2015 - this organic belly band has definitely been one of our most loved products over the years.  It provides extra support where you need it most, made in soft organic cotton.  It can be worn lower under the hips and acts as a 'top extender' to cover your belly as your regular tops become too short to wear.

The bodystyler is available in 4 colours - white, nude, black and charcoal grey.  It's a clever invention for pregnancy that gives you support where you need it most.  Made of a special moisture wicking fabric, it keeps you cool and dry all day.  It has a special built in support panel, and helps alleviate baby weight.  See the whole range here

Available in black or nude these support shorts are perfect to wear under dresses or outfits where you want to achieve a smooth and sleek finish.  The longer length helps to hold in your thighs as well - the perfect solution when wearing an above the knee length dress.

Meet the ultimate comfort staple while pregnant: compression leggings! The compression promotes better blood flow, otherwise known as circulation and delivers a controlled amount of squeeze that’s greatest at your ankle and gradually gets lighter up the leg. True gradient compression increases circulation, prevents swelling and energizes tired legs and feet. Find out more about the benefits of compression wear here

Feel free to share your pregnancy style tips in the comments below - our community would love to hear your suggestions!


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