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Keep Calm and Carry On - How to Keep Positive During Pregnancy

Posted on 8/07/2014 in Pregnancy & Baby & Well-Being

Pregnancy is a time when changing hormones can make your emotions quite unpredictable. Some women find that pregnancy makes them feel very calm and contented, while others report that it makes them really moody and grumpy! Read below for some tips on keeping positive during pregnancy. 

Be kind to yourself - understand that hormonal and bodily changes are having an effect on your moods, and that it will pass. If you find yourself snapping at people, apologise and forgive yourself, and move on.

Forgive others - some people might say annoying things when they are trying to help or offer advice. Recognise that they sincere and thank them for caring. You are quite free to ignore their advice if it doesn’t suit you!

Ignore the horror stories - just because your neighbour’s friend’s niece had a difficult labour doesn’t automatically mean you will. Just ensure you have good medical care and you are well-prepared for the event when the time comes. Keeping calm will also help you to manage better during the delivery anyway.

Physical activity - exercise is good for lifting the moods and keeping the body healthy. It can also help prepare you for labour. Yoga is especially good as it helps to strengthen your body and create mental calmness at the same time. Walking, swimming and other non-vigorous types of exercise are also good. 

Practice meditation - because it can help settle your moods, give your immunity a boost, reduce pain, and help you relax. If you’re not into meditation, take some time just to pray, or do some deep breathing or relaxation exercises.

Express it - to release pent-up emotions, have a good cry if it helps, keep a journal, or talk to a trusted friend. 

Laugh and have fun - what’s better than a good laugh? Try to see the funny side of pregnancy if you can, spend time watching your favourite comedies, and hang around with positive people as much as possible.

What have you been doing during pregnancy to feel more positive? Share your tips with us.


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