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Felicia: Babymoon Adventures

Posted on 13/01/2014 in Pregnancy & Baby & Well-Being
Earlier last year, we had booked our tickets all ready to go to Mexico for a friend’s wedding and while we were over there (since Australia is soooo far from that side of the world), we thought we’d tag on New Orleans and San Francisco as well since we were flying through there anyway.

A few months later, our little holiday that was planned around our friend’s wedding soon became known as our ‘babymoon’ – completely unintentional and well, let’s just say, I might not have booked in so many flights, otherwise!

The holiday in itself was a combination of activities and sightseeing as well as plenty of relaxing time by a beach or pool.

Our first stop was Mexico City – the day after we arrived (after a 14 hour flight to San Fran, a 2 hour stopover which was delayed so it ended up being 4 hours, plus a 4 hour flight to Mexico City!!) we had a tour booked to see the pyramids of Teotihuacan. The temperature in Mexico City starts a little chilly in the morning and heats up quickly by around lunch time, so the heat really got to me at Teotihuacan, plus there isn’t really any shade. Needless to say I needed to drink PLENTY of water and take as much rest as possible – oh and I later learnt that the altitude in a little higher, so no wonder I was short of breath! I only managed to climb half a pyramid at Teotihuacan before having to sit on a step and surrender that that was enough exercise for this little pregnant lady!

climbing up one of the pyramids at Teotihuacan – water bottle in hand!

massive margarita – “sinalcohol” meaning without alcohol in Spanish – pretty much a frozen lemonade…

A few days later we flew off to Cancun to make our way down to Playa Xcalacoco, about 40mins south of Cancun where the weather was consistently warm. This was where our friend’s wedding was held and we stayed the beautiful boutique hotel, Le Reve. Here I lapped up on plenty of relaxation pool time, relaxing in a hammock and treated myself to a pregnancy massage – PURE BLISS!

pool time at Le Reve hotel

relaxing in the hammock overlooking the Carribean Sea at Le Reve hotel/ Playa Xcalacoco

with husband at wedding

After the wedding, we made our way a bit further south (15mins) to Playa del Carmen and based ourselves there for the week, making little trips to other parts of Mexico. We did tour trip to Tulum to visit more ruins and an amazingly blue, clean and crystal clear beach – really beautiful!  We also visited Coba, where this time, after a few days of relaxation, I was able to climb halfway up the pyramid. To get to the pyramid, we decided on the easy option of taking a three-wheeled bicycle ‘taxi’ which completely saved my little legs having to walk the 1.5kms getting to the actual pyramids, otherwise I would have NO energy left to climb up there! Another day we took the local ‘Collectivo’ which is like a mini bus van (super cheap and airconditioning!) and went to Akumul to do some snorkelling where we not only saw fish, but turtles and a sting ray! It really nice to take the baby for a swim as I think it really likes it, I would totally encourage anyone to go for a swim while they are pregnant! ?

Tulum beach

climbing the pyramids at Coba

This is how high I climbed – halfway up!

snorkelling in Akumul

turtle spotted while snorkelling in Akumul!

After two weeks in Mexico, it was off to New Orleans for a few days which was much colder than expected. I thought that being pregnant I would be warmer than usual, but no, I felt the cold, so off to the shops to find a few more layers and a beanie. The food in New Orleans was a highlight and I loved gumbo, so I ate it every day! Why not? I’m pregnant, I’ll eat anything I choose to, thanks!

eating more gumbo in New Orleans

Chilly New Orleans, beanie acquired, belly growing!

Last stop was San Francisco and I’m so glad we decided to make a stopover here, otherwise I might have died if we had to fly New Orleans to Houston to San Francisco to Sydney!! I don’t even want to think how many hours of flying and waiting around at airports that might be - while being pregnant. The hilly slopes of San Fran are bad enough for anyone, let alone someone who was growing a little baby in her tummy (each week mind you, I certainly saw it grow!), plus wearing the extra layers due to cold weather, we quickly learnt to make use of buses and cable cars to do the sightseeing and shopping!

jumping into a prison cell at Alcatraz, San Francisco

Freezing San Francisco at Alcatraz with Golden Gate Bridge in background

squished into a full cable car in San Francisco

A babymoon is a great idea and many people do it. My tip would be, don’t fly too far away if you can help it! And be sure to squeeze in beach/pool time and treat yourself to a few pregnancy massages!

Felicia. Make-up Artist. 


  • Stef | Monday, 13 January 2014
    Loved reading you're adventures! I love the last photo- you make the wives tale that one has a "glow" when pregnant, proof to me. Very envious if your travels xxxx

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