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Dressing for Success While Pregnant

Posted on 23/05/2012 in Style

A pregnant woman’s body undergoes many changes and, all things considered, there is no better reason or time in life to dress in clothes that help you to look and feel great. While regular clothes can be worn in the first stages of pregnancy, it won’t be long before your attention turns to
maternity clothes.

The good news is that maternity wear is not what it used to be; you can forget shapeless overalls and other completely uninspiring and unflattering garments. Today, it is possible to wear maternity dresses, pants, jeans, suits and tops that flatter your form, increase your comfort, support your growing belly and ever-changing physique and enhance an attractive and successful image.

Dressing for work:

Many women continue to work throughout their pregnancies and understandably desire work attire that presents them in a professional way. Having said this, a number of women also do not want to spend exorbitant sums on a pregnancy wardrobe for work when the pieces will only be worn for quite a short time.

Investing in some versatile and stylish key pieces -- including skirts and pants with elastic or drawstring waist bands, together with long jackets, cardigans, tunic tops, dresses and loose shirts -- is definitely wise. Select pieces made from fabrics that stretch and colours that pair well together. If it is possible to mix and match different combinations of these garments, you will find that the feeling of wearing the same thing over and over again is reduced while you maintain your professional and successful image.

While you will almost certainly need some maternity pieces, you are also likely to find that non-maternity but roomy tops, jackets and cardigans can be comfortably worn throughout your pregnancy.

Dressing for formal occasions:

Black is a great colour for expectant mothers to wear; it has the advantages of being slimming, timeless and perennially fashionable, and it tends to go with everything. Black dresses can always be enhanced through the use of jewellery, shoes and other accessories, which you are likely to already have in your wardrobe. Possibly, the best thing about a black dress is that it can be worn to suit any occasion.

A wrap is a great idea during pregnancy. Wraps make it possible to wear sleeveless garments and can help women who are self-conscious about their arms to feel more comfortable. Simple, dressed up, woollen, silky, beaded and elaborate wraps are all available and can be worn to complete the look you most desire.

Think about your feet:

Many women find that their feet expand in the course of pregnancy, and it is a physiological fact that a pregnant woman’s centre of gravity is altered as her body changes shape and size. For these reasons, abandoning your high heels is often a great idea for the sake of comfort and safety, and you are likely to find that there are many on-trend and very attractive flat shoes or shoes with a low stable heel available.

Pregnancy certainly does not mean that a woman has to abandon her own sense of style or dress in a way that is less professional than she otherwise might. It is definitely possible to dress for success while pregnant and in a way that maximises style and comfort.


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