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6 Tips on How to Look Your Best While Pregnant

Posted on 30/09/2019 in Pregnancy & Baby & Style

If you are pregnant you already know what a roller coaster of emotions means. There are days when you're full of energy and you actually like what you see in the mirror, and then there are those when you just want to lock yourself in the house and wait for 9 months to pass. That's a normal process and most women have experienced it at least once. Coping with change while pregnant isn't the easiest thing you'll do - your body changes by the day and you simply have to go with it.

With that in mind, here are some tips that will most likely boost your confidence during pregnancy.

1. Incorporate maternity clothing in your wardrobe

As weeks pass by, you’ll realise that your old clothes no longer fit you the way they did in the past. This means that you should focus on incorporating some maternity clothing. For instance, a maternity dress is meant to point out the growing bump, making you feel stylish and confident. Regular clothing might not be as flattering.

If you were to buy regular clothing but in bigger sizes, you might end up with clothes that fit larger than they should – especially in the shoulders and arms. This will only make you look and feel bigger. Normally, when shopping for maternity clothing, make sure you stick to your regular size. Once again, purchasing a size bigger might result in an inadequate fit!

2. Opt for natural, comfortable fibres

During pregnancy, when your skin is extremely sensitive, it’s highly advisable to stick to natural fibres. During the summertime, for instance, you should wear natural fabrics such as cotton or linen, since they have a higher breathability index than other materials.

The thing is that synthetic materials might make you feel overheated, which is quite unpleasant during this period. And in the last weeks, you are more prone to experience this, as the bump grows bigger by the day.

3. Try a new hairstyle

Did you ever realise that when you change the colour or style of your hair, you instantly feel like a new person with a sense of self-confidence? So, if you feel that your self-esteem is lacking, trying a new hairstyle to go with your bump might actually be a good idea.

If your hair is long, and it’s been this way for a while, perhaps it’s time you cut it short. This will make it easier to maintain and style, especially after the baby comes – so, it’s also a practical decision. Meanwhile, if your hair is already short or medium, then you might experiment with a different colour or you might try a treatment – you name it. The sky is your limit. Just make sure you don’t use substances that affect your pregnancy.

4. Look for versatility

As opposed to purchasing a lot of maternity clothing, you should simply focus on investing in a few key pieces. As always, it’s best to concentrate on quality and not on quantity. Concurrently, you should choose styles and designs that are versatile. For instance, you should pick items of clothing you’ll be able to wear throughout the entire pregnancy – or at least most of this period.

This is why you should keep an eye out for drawstring waist, wrap-models, or empire lines. Ideally, the clothing you invest in now should be worn post-pregnancy as well. Some of the designs are nursing friendly as well.

When it comes to versatility, you should preferably opt for colours that are easy to combine. As opposed to picking out crazy prints, you should choose more classic shades. This will make it easier for you to mix and match different clothing items. That way, you will look stylish and chic without trying too much!

5. Wear supportive underwear

Many pregnant women overlook the importance of investing in high-quality, supportive underwear. But, truly, the underwear you wear will play an important role in your comfort. In the third trimester, more or less, you will experience more changes by the day. This is where supportive underwear can give you a boost of confidence. It is amazing what a difference well-fitting underwear can make.

Also, the thing with supportive underwear is that it will make your clothing fit much better!

6. Exercise

Exercising is really important for your overall health and wellbeing during pregnancy. And the truth is that, when you feel good, you are more likely to feel good about yourself too. That isn’t to say you should engage in any strenuous, demanding activities – quite the contrary. The good news is that there is a variety of exercising routines to choose from, targeted specifically for pregnant women.

For instance, you could choose a maternity focused yoga class. Such a class will most likely give you relief from the back pain that is troubling you. In addition to that, in your third trimester, you might consider trying Lamaze classes. These are useful as they will prepare you for the final stage of your pregnancy – namely labour.

If you’re concerned, you can always discuss with your doctor about the best type of physical activity you should engage in.

The Bottom Line

Taking extra care of yourself during pregnancy will definitely make you feel better, not to mention that it will make you look good. Let’s face it: looking good does have an impact on our general wellbeing and disposition, so we should focus on this.

Therefore, make sure you invest in the clothes that make you feel like a queen and take proper care of your skin, hair and body. Before you know it, you will be holding your little miracle in your arms and nothing will beat that!



Sarah Pelham is the Beauty & Wellness Expert for Bookwell.com.au, an online platform for instant bookings for hair, nails, beauty & massage appointments. For nearly four years Sarah has worked closely with hundreds of salon owners within the beauty and wellness industries. She has her finger on the pulse of new trends in this growing market.



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