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10 Tips on Maternity Glitz and Glamour

Posted on 14/09/2010 in Style

Ok, so you may not feel particularly glamorous at many times during your pregnancy, but it doesn’t mean you can’t look it. Don’t despair if you find yourself eight months pregnant and invited to a wedding, a work function or a fancy night out. There are so many options to choose from in maternity wear these days, that you will be guaranteed to find something that you will not only look great in but feel comfortable in too.

1) Dresses

You will be amazed at the selection of maternity dresses available today. From body hugging sheath dresses to long, flowing maxi dresses you can glam up during any trimester. 

2) Silhouettes

Work your silhouette. Find out what looks best on you and buy a dress in that style. Empire waist, blouson, tunic and trapeze are some of the styles that will flatter a pregnant figure.

3) Fabrics

For your special night out why not choose a special fabric? Flowing satins, silk, chiffon or tulle will look divine on your new curves or perhaps organza or georgette would suit you better

4) Bust line

Draw attention to your bust line by choosing a dress or outfit with a line that will have all eyes on your enhanced cleavage. V-neck, scallop, scoop, halter neck or keyhole styles will draw the eye up and away from your baby bump.

5) Accessorise

It’s all about accessorising when you need to glam up your appearance. And while you might be limited in what you wear, you are not limited to what jewellery and accessories you can play with. You can go cheap and fashionable or chic and designer, but either way you can draw attention to your face by wearing some shoulder-grazing earrings, or a dynamic string of chunky, resin beads.

Large, dress rings are very hot at the moment, and you can go with bling or a cute resin or plastic design.

6) Bags

The perfect bag always seems to finish off the perfect outfit. You can glam up any outfit with the right bag. Whether you prefer a hard shell, patent leather clasp bag, a beaded baguette or a timeless glow-mesh clutch the right evening bag is like another piece of jewellery. Match it with your earrings or shoes for a classic look or break out and pick something clashing or unusual if you want to add some fashion cred to your outfit.

7) Shoes

Stilettos might be off the cards for your big night out, but this is your perfect excuse to wear some cute or glitzy flats. The ballet style flat is still going strong, and they come in so many colours and styles you will be sure to find something that will complement your dress.

8) Hair

Instead of putting your hair back in the clip you always put it in, why don’t you make the effort and get it styled at the hairdresser? Or if you have a cute short cut, put some product in and achieve the look you want, but are usually too lazy to perfect. Great hair will always be that final touch for a glamorous look.

9) Over the top

Evening wear can often leave us feeling a little chilly, if it’s not the middle of summer, so it’s always a good idea to bring a jacket along. To glitz up any outfit, a sparkly bolero or lovely beaded cardi will give you that extra edge, that attention to detail that makes a good outfit look great. Another option to keep in mind is a shawl or scarf, with so many colours and fabrics to choose from in this era of the scarf, you will undoubtedly find something to suit.

10) Make-up

Sometimes the discomfort in the third trimester and hormonal changes will not always leave you looking your best. On these days, when you're not feeling as beautiful as you should, whip out the red lippy or get crazy and put some colour on those eyelids and walk out the door feeling glamorous.

So it’s not just about the maternity clothes you choose for your special night out, it’s about everything that goes with it from the accessories, to the footwear and the makeup. But the most important thing in the end is a smile. Don’t forget to have a good time; you’ve gone to all that trouble!


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