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What to Wear for Your Winter Maternity Shoot

Posted on 14/07/2020 in Style

A maternity photoshoot is something you’ll treasure forever, as it captures that special moment before your newborn arrives! Deciding on the location and what to wear during winter for your maternity shoot can be tricky, and there are many things to consider, the most important thing? Making sure you feel warm and comfortable for the memorable occasion.

Winter maternity photoshoots are all about colours and textures that give the feeling of warmth. If you’re not sure what to wear, we’ve put together a curated selection of style tips and our favourite maternity outfits for your upcoming shoot that will ensure you stay warm, while also showing off your adorable bump!

A Maxi Dress

An elegant maxi dress is a popular choice for maternity shoots as they look flattering on your pregnant body, showing off your beautiful curves and making your bump the centre of attention. This look is flowy, feminine, and super comfortable. Whether it’s your first pregnancy or your fifth, you’ll look back fondly at the memories captured in your maxi dress when reminiscing about your pregnancy.

A Knit Dress

As cosy as it gets! Knitted clothing is a popular trend in winter and look absolutely stunning in a portrait, as it gives your image some visual interest. A laidback, yet classy look paired with some boots and a cosy scarf is a great option for your winter maternity shoot.

Add a Cardigan

A longer-style cardigan, styled over a dress or a t-shirt and jeans is a great way to add a snug element to your style, and to bring the different elements of your outfit together. Adding layers such as a cardigan will also add a touch of visual interest to your photos, making your portrait extra special. A soft knit cardigan is a style that you will also love wearing long after pregnancy.

A Long-Sleeved Top & Jeans

Don’t feel limited to a dress if it’s not your style! For at-home maternity sessions, opting for a casual look such as a long-sleeved top and jeans makes for a relaxed and comfortable combo. After all, there is nothing like the comfort of your own home, plus capturing that moment in the very space you will be raising your newborn is exciting. Pair the “It Must Be Fate” long sleeve tee with the “Reina Ankle Destructed Vintage” Skinny Jeans for a casual look that is both comfortable and cosy.

A Skirt & Top

A skirt that hugs you and your bump in all the right places can be a great focal piece for your look. Add a mix of textures with a voile skirt or try a skirt with a ruffle element bringing your eye up right up to your belly. Pair this with a tight white long sleeve shirt to really play up those beautiful curves and show off your personality.

A Pop of Colour

Winter may bring about cooler tones in the latest trends, but this doesn’t mean you have to wear all black! A standout piece will make sure you and your belly really pop (pun intended). You can also combine pieces in pastel tones for a softer vibe.

Choose Two Outfits

Can’t decide between two options? Why not both! Bringing along a couple of pieces to your shoot will give you the confidence of choice. Let your photographer know beforehand you may want an outfit change during the shoot, most will happily accommodate! This also allows your photographer more options to get extra creative and will lead to some truly gorgeous memories.

Complete Your Look with Accessories and Props

To complete the dreamy feel of your shoot, consider a standout accessory (other than your bump!) such as a flower crown, or a simple bracelet to draw even more attention to your hands all over that gorgeous belly. And of course, you can tie your photoshoot together with some standout accessories for the other people joining you on the day - whether it’s a partner or other little ones, nothing looks more adorable than matching your family’s outfits to your own. A subtle theme of blue or pink in clothes is quite eye catching, or you can add a cute touch to your images with a pair of baby booties or a tiny item of clothing like a onesie.

And above everything else? Enjoy the day!

You’ve done your research, picked your outfit (and possibly a backup), organised a theme and acquired some props. Get some well-deserved beauty sleep before the shoot day because you’re all set!

Feeling confident within yourself is so important - especially in front of a camera! We at Queen Bee are overjoyed to be a part of so many special moments in the lives of mothers all over. You can be confident that when you purchase an outfit from us, it will fit you perfectly, support you where you need it and make you look and feel a million dollars.


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