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Weekend Essentials - stay warm and comfortable this winter

Posted on 8/06/2009 in Style

As your pregnant tummy grows it starts to take up more space. Pretty obvious, right? And those comfy tops which used to keep you warm in winter now have a draughty gap at the bottom where your newly enlarged belly peeps out above the waistline of your pants or skirt. With days as cold as they have been lately, that’s NOT something you would look forward to. Luckily, a good maternity top takes care of the problem; they’re made over-long, so they have plenty of length to cover your tummy comfortably and keep you warm as you grow! But clever styling ensures that they also hug you in all the right places so they don’t just look big and baggy (which is the look you’ll end up with if you just borrow your guy’s jumper instead).

Pair any of our casual tops with a comfortable pair of jeans, and we’ll keep you warm through the winter. Try the crossover top, which is great for maternity wear and breastfeeding afterwards too, or the cosy pointelle hoodie, which comes in three shades. Heaps more great jeans ideas here or just go denim shopping.

An absolute essential for warm weekend wear is our long sleeved French terry hoodie. It’s softer than soft, comes in four shades, and was a favourite of Jessica Alba during her pregnancy.

I have to confess that some weekends, especially when I’m relaxing at home, I hardly ever make it out of my favourite tracksuit. If you’re going to be wearing your tracksuit every weekend all through winter, it makes sense to get a nice one, right? With our black velour track pants and hoodie this weekend favourite has been given a super stylish makeover. It’s velvet soft and absolutely good enough to leave the house in, so you can enjoy your weekend café breakfast in style and comfort!

Check out our funky 2chix long sleeved shirts too for a look that’s casual and fun and will keep you warm. Their vintage cotton is snug and sexy, and we keep on lovin’ their slogans.

Stay warm!



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