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Tips for Decorating Your Baby’s Nursery

Posted on 6/02/2014 in Pregnancy & Baby

Getting your baby’s room ready for its imminent arrival can be a very exciting activity, which can also help you to prepare yourself mentally for the birth. The following lists are designed to help you to get organised before the due date.

Decorating the nursery:
  • Decide on your theme for decorating before starting – whether bright and modern, nature-themed, old-fashioned cottage-style, and so on. If you’re not sure where to start, just take a look on the internet or in baby stores. Consider paint colours, wallpaper, curtains, furniture, and wall paintings and hangings, and floor coverings.
  • Make sure that any painting or wallpapering is done well ahead of time so that fumes and odours have had time to dissipate before baby arrives. 
  • If you put down rugs, tape them to the floor so you don’t trip.

Baby furniture:

Your baby is really not going to care whether you have the latest in trendy bub-gear, so some simple pieces of furniture in pine should do quite nicely. In any case, make sure that furniture complies with Australian safety standards, especially if buying second-hand.
  • Bassinette – a tiny newborn does not really need a cot, and a bassinette or ‘Moses basket’ should suffice for the first few months. 
  • Cot for 6+ months – consider buying one of those cots that can be converted into a bed later on. Of course you will also need bedding, and a mattress protector. Place the cot away from the window for safety reasons.
  • Wardrobe and chest of drawers. 
  • Change table and mat. 
  • Blankets and shawls or wraps.
  • Baby monitor.
  • Shelves for storage. 
  • Comfy chair for you to use when feeding your baby. A rocking chair is good for this – and don’t forget a granny blanket to go with it for those cold nights! 

Other options:

  • Baby musical mobile.
  • Teddy bears, rattles and soft books.
  • Some of those star stickers that illuminate when the light goes out look great on the ceiling.

Have you started decorating your baby’s nursery yet? Feel free to tell us about your experience.


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