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The Queen Bee guide for a chic-dressing modern mummy

Posted on 1/04/2010 in

maternal america maxi dressmaternal america maxi dress


It wasn’t so long ago that dressing for two without being frumpy seemed an almost impossible task. I’m sure most of you remember those photos of oversized floral house-dresses or tent dresses that mum used to get around in when she was expecting. I was never really sure why they were even called house-dresses, unless it was because they were big enough to fit a house in.

dote sienna halter dress

Well, here at Queen Bee we’re glad to tell you times have changed. Nowadays, huge dresses, bright seventies florals, and stiff fabrics are out. Big time. Being pregnant is all about comfort, block colours, subtle chic and playing up to your best features. With this in mind we’ve put together a little list of some of Queen Bee’s most popular maternity clothes, which have been designed to suit almost every body shape, but will still allow you the freedom to add your own individual touches. The following months will be filled with excitement, anticipation and new experiences. Worrying about finding clothes you look good in is the last thing you’ll want to be doing. We can’t help you with every aspect of your pregnancy, but we can help you look good. And when you look good, you feel good. So, let’s get on with it.

The first rule in dressing for two is to subtly minimize your tummy’s impact. Queen Bee stocks a great range of sheath dresses in knee length or full length (which is doubly flattering). The Sienna Halter Maxi has the added advantage of doubling as a nursing dress so you can wear it through your pregnancy and beyond. In a dark colour, the sheath style is great and slimming on almost every body type in the early stages of pregnancy and can be dressed up or down, just by adding a Maternal America diamante bolero or a street smart denim vest with faux fur trim. Also try adding some sparkles to your neck and ears – this will keep attention firmly on your face and add some fun!

momzee ava keyhole dress

The second rule? Embrace your new curves. Stay clear of oversize shirts and baggy trousers. Also avoid clothing that’s badly cut or doesn’t fit. Be ruthless here. Queen Bee has a fantastic range of revamped and modern A-line inspired clothing, which works wonders for softening and flattering curves. When you’re pregnant and you don’t want to look like some relic from the seventies, keep away from A-lines in stiff fabrics like cottons and linens. For special occasions, look for soft fabrics with stretch that hug your curves without being bulky. Organza, silk, and georgette are the best choices, and Queen Bee has lots of lovely options to choose from. Try this kimono sleeve dress, a stylish keyhole maxi dress or a beautiful raglan sleeved paisley print dress. For warmer weather, stretchy cotton blends like this wrap jersey dress can work wonders as well. With all these fabrics, even if you do go for an A-line inspired cut, you’ll get a slight curve over the bust, minimal tightness over the stomach and a gentle swing around your knees or ankles. This draws attention to your bustline and distracts the eye from your ever-increasing middle.

The third principle for pregnancy chic is to redirect attention away from your tummy toward other parts of the body; the eyes, the face, the bustline…As you start to show, your waist moves higher, until it is just under your breasts. Try a beautiful satin cream belt with your empire line A-line for a spot of contrast. Any dark coloured dress in a simple block colour also looks fantastic, like the Enchanted Jersey Wrap Maternity Dress in brown cocoa or burgundy. The soft fabrics will curve to your frame and skim over your belly, lessening its visual impact, while the belt brings the focus back to the upper half of the torso. To adapt this outfit for work, just add a pair of trousers, like these Classic Maternity Pants in black.

enchanted jersey wrap dress

Most women experience an expanding bust line during pregnancy, and empire line V-necks or Grecian cuts give you the chance to flaunt it. Step out in Queen Bee’s Tulle Maternity Dress in blush if you’re feeling frivolous. Or for a more discreet look, Queen Bee stocks a number of wonderful scarves which you can use for a stylish cover-up. Try Lil’s black chiffon concoction to add a touch of frothy feminine magic to your evening pink ensemble. Remember, it’s your time and whichever option you feel most comfortable with is the right one.  Check out Queen Bee's range of maternity wear here.

Stay true to the new you!



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