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How Do You Want to Spend Your Babymoon?

Posted on 13/03/2014 in Pregnancy & Baby & Well-Being

There’s no denying that life changes a lot when a new baby comes along, with lots of new things to adjust to. 

In some cultures, there is a practice of allowing the mother to rest for 40 days, while others look after her and the newborn. How blissful does that sound? This practice gives mum a chance to recover from the birth and adjust to motherhood. 

In western societies we tend to want new mothers to get on with their lives, even returning to work quickly. For some this is fine, but others find they need more time. If you are the latter-type, you might want to think about having a ‘babymoon’!

What is a baby moon?

Unlike a honeymoon, a babymoon is a fairly broad term as it can have several definitions. It might be a special holiday you have with your partner before the birth of your baby, where you get time together for just the two of you. It can also mean a post-birth holiday, which gives you and your partner the chance to get away and get to know your new little person, without the distraction of work and other routines. 

On the other hand, some refer to babymoon as a time after the birth, when you just rest at home (in your PJs if you wish!) and ditch your normal routine. After all, this is not the time to be pleasing everyone else. You may find you need to be able to stay home and just spend time adjusting to your new routine, and not be concerned about work or other things. If you can manage this, it could be a real boon to recovering more quickly from the birth itself. 

You could also just take on a babymoon attitude! The time your child is a baby is really very short in the scheme of things, and if you miss out on it you might regret it later. Spend lots of time with your baby, taking him/her with you when you go out. Carrying your bub around in a baby carrier can also make this a time of close bonding for you both. 

Have you had a babymoon? What did you do, and was it helpful?


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