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The Latest Baby Mama Fashions

Posted on 10/09/2010 in Style

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to come to terms with wearing smocks and ponchos. With the recent boom in maternity wear, the competition is heating up and you can find great maternity clothes to suit just about any occasion and any budget.

1) Dresses

It seems that dresses is where the fashion flies for maternity wear right now. There are some really lovely items coming onto the market that will guarantee you will look and feel like a hot mama.  Labels such as Every Grey, Trimester, NOM, Maternal America and Momzee are staying on top of the fashions with their latest collections.

Maxi dresses are very hot right now and with the added advantage of hiding your swollen ankles or less than glamorous, sensible footwear, a long, flowing maxi seems like the perfect choice. Floor length, quality fabrics and flattering cuts and styles will make sure you not only look fantastic but feel super comfortable.

Minimising your belly’s impact is first and foremost, and to achieve this you can wear some great solid colours in sheath style dresses that will sweep the floor and give you much needed length.

Wrap dresses will never go out of style, and the great news is they look great on a pregnant body. Wrap dresses are stylish, classic and simple. They flatter by drawing the eye towards your probably more-ample-than-usual cleavage giving you an elongated look.

Knot dresses are, like wrap dresses, a classic way to dress around your belly. They also flatter by directing the eye towards the cleavage and provide a lovely definition to your new curves.

There are also some lovely, long sleeve crochet dresses available, shift dresses and tunics in an amazing array of quality, breathable and flattering fabrics such a silk, jersey, tulle and chiffon. All of these options can be dressed up or down with some simple accessorising or by adding a little cardi or jacket.

2) Jeans

Maternity jeans just keep getting better and better. There are a few options to choose from such as the waistband, the side panel or the no panel designs. They come in a huge variety of colours, washes and styles so you can still keep your old style working even though you’ve got a little more in front.  Labels such as Mavi, JamesJeans and Maternal America are bringing out some top of the line designs and washes that will keep you in the fashion loop.

3) Tops

As with many of the dress styles, most maternity tops will come with breastfeeding design features, that allow you to breastfeed when you’re out and about with having to resort to t-shirts the whole time.

Quack, Maternal America and Trimester seem to be topping the market with choice and design at the moment, offering a pretty selection of blouses, shirts and winter warming hoodies and cardigans. Some bright oranges, grapes and greys are very popular this season and will look great at work or on the weekend.

Many of the more chic tops these days will be designed to draw attention away from the bump and upward to the face and cleavage. A lovely deep v neck or scallop shape or scoop neck line will draw the eye towards your neck and face, and will show off perfectly your new necklace or earrings!

4) Pants

Available now are some really lovely black pants for work wear that you can get your hands on. They come in the latest straight leg and slim leg designs.  You can also choose from capris and leggings, tights and trackies.

5) Everything Else

Not only is there a great variety of high quality, fashion oriented designs available but there is also a huge choice of sleepwear, swim wear and evening wear.

With so many choices in maternity clothes these days, you will no longer have to write off your fashion savvy for six months of your life. You can look great, in fashion and stay comfortable the whole nine months.


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