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The Benefits of Staying Active During Pregnancy

Posted on 4/02/2014 in Pregnancy & Baby & Well-Being

It’s generally well-known these days that moderate physical activity provides many benefits during pregnancy. Exercise can improve your strength, posture, sleep and circulation, help control weight, give you more energy and some relief from stress, boost your moods, and it can have social benefits as well. It may also help you cope better with your labour when it comes, and get back to normal more quickly afterwards.

Good options for pregnancy exercise include swimming, aqua-aerobics, walking, riding a bicycle, Pilates, and stretching exercises like Qigong and yoga, which can help with breathing, promote mental calmness and clarity, and improve back and core strength.

Exercise cautions

While in the past women were often not encouraged to exercise during pregnancy, nowadays, unless your doctor advises you otherwise, there’s no excuse for not taking some gentle exercise. Having said that however, it’s important not to overheat, or to exercise until you are puffing, and you should also take care to avoid excess strain on your muscles and ligaments. And before commencing an exercise program, you should check with your doctor. 

What to wear

Fortunately, there are some great active-wear clothing items around for pregnancy sport and exercise. You are not limited to some of the unflattering styles of the past. These days you get to choose from maternity leggings, or ‘preggings’ as they are sometimes known, as well as a variety of tanks and t-shirts for every trimester, comfortable and flattering trackie pants, and zippered or wrap hoodies. There is also some pretty nice swimwear to choose from, including both one and two-piece items and tankinis. 

So make sure to keep yourself active during this time of your life. It’s something you are unlikely to regret later!

What exercise have you done during pregnancy, and how did it help you? What would you recommend?


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