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Sex and the City Style

Posted on 27/05/2009 in Style

In search of the Carrie Bradshaw style…
Well unless you’ve been hibernating in Northern Alaska for the past few months it probably hasn’t escaped your notice that the long awaited big screen debut of television’s favourite newspaper columnist and her Mr Big is finally with us. Sex and the City fever is everywhere lately; I’ve even heard a remix of a hit R&B tune with the catchy Sex and the City theme song. If you haven’t seen the movie yet you undoubtedly know someone who has.

So what was it about Carrie Bradshaw and her group of New York friends that so captured the imagination? They certainly represented the ultimate in high style and fashion, and when the series was being shot the Sex and the City wardrobe (more particularly Carrie’s wardrobe) and stylist duo Patricia Field and Rebecca Weinberg were talked about almost as much as the plots and characters. In the recent SATC movie, Field estimates there were over 300 costume changes for the four women. “Everything that’s not borrowed I keep” says lucky actress Sarah Jessica Parker. Carrie’s style on the show was an eclectic mix of high fashion and the bohemian, seamlessly blending the vintage with the new, and always with those killer shoes. The show is well known for providing a huge lift for the profile of shoe designer (or should we say shoe artist?) Manolo Blahnik, whose high heeled creations Carrie was rarely seen without. As he puts it, “Shoes…help transform a woman.”

Now for some people, sadly, pregnancy seems to be a fashion no-go zone, filled with oversized t-shirts, shapeless smocks, and (horror of horrors) sensible shoes. Here at Queen Bee we have made it our mission to bring you maternity gear with is both stylish and comfortable. You’ll be glad to know that in our experience, the two concepts are not mutually exclusive!

So how to adapt the Sex and the City style for pregnancy? Learning to layer and accessorise is the key. Remember to mix and match; you may not fit into your normal wardrobe staples when you’re pregnant, but you undoubtedly still have scarves, knits, bags and jewellery which you can combine with some of our great maternity essentials to create a huge variety of looks.

Carrie Bradshaw could never be accused of being boring, and her fashion style is anything but shy, so we say if you’re pregnant, flaunt it! Don’t hide your belly, show it off with one of our beautiful tops or sexy dresses. Our exclusive 8 way Tamiko top and stunning silk wrap dress by LIL are colourful and vibrant with a high fashion look, and we love LIL’s Kara print top too. Our funky striped babydoll cami top is sure to get you noticed, while this sheer sleeve babydoll top in black or ivory is peasant-chic.

The Momzee paisley peasant dress is super cute, and like this great ¾ wrap dress, it comes in this season’s hottest colour, yellow. You could also have fun with this funky blue genie wrap dress by Fillyboo or black and white polka dot tunic dress by Childish clothing. For evening sophistication, this red and white patterned silk bell sleeve dress reigns supreme…at least until the next costume change. Now you know about Queen Bee, there’s no reason why you can’t be better dressed during pregnancy than you’ve ever been before!

And the word on shoes? Comfortable doesn’t have to mean unstylish. While sky high Manolo Blahnik heels may not be your first choice when 30 weeks pregnant, you don’t have to wear massage sandals every single day (unless you want to). Personally, I had a favourite pair of Diana Ferrari supersoft shoes which I wore throughout pregnancy to work as well as the occasional night out – they were super comfortable and stylish, soft black leather with a flexible sole, and baby-friendly 1.5 inch heels. The best of both worlds!

love hannah


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