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Seven Essential Maternity Swimwear Pieces

Posted on 19/05/2011 in Style

Along with walking, swimming is one of the best ways to stay fit and strong through the entire 9 ½ months, unless you’ve been instructed to do otherwise by your health practitioner. Keeping physically active will also help you stay strong throughout the birth process.


Whether you’re a serious swimmer, took the sport during your pregnancy, or simply enjoy relaxing by the pool or the beach, these seven essential maternity swimwear pieces will come in very handy and can be mixed and matched as you like.


1. Maternity Halter Top


·         Attractive Neckline -- the fitted halter top creates an extremely attractive neckline for pregnant women while minimising tan lines around the back.

·         Breast Support – As your breasts grow larger during the pregnancy, the maternity halter top is designed to provide all the necessary support for comfortable wear.

·         Belly Coverage -- For expectant mothers who don’t want to show their belly or want to hide any stretch marks, the halter top provides excellent full coverage.

·         Combine With – halter tops can be combined with any bottom piece, for example, with cute bikini bottoms with a side tie, swim skirts, or maternity sarongs.


2. Reversible Bikini Band


·         Adjustable Waist Band – the reversible band allows you to fold down and adjust the waist as your belly grows, with the added benefit of different colours for a variety of looks.

·         Flattering Lines – reversible bikini bands sit well on all hip sizes, and are particularly flattering for pregnant women.

·         Incredible Comfort – this bikini bottom is comfortable and versatile to wear, providing plenty of support for the bottom area.


3. One Piece


·         Coverage – one pieces provide plenty of coverage for expectant mothers, with a solid, fitted feel in contrast with the more loose-fitting halter tops.

·         Support – fitted support for all areas. Provides back support for those with back aches.

·         Designed to Grow as You do – one pieces are designed to grow as you do, fitting over your belly and other expanding areas comfortably.

·         Fitted Style – the style may suit you when you’re swimming laps or prefer a fitted feel in the water.


4. Tankinis


·         Many Styles – tankinis come in many styles – fitted, loose or adjustable. With adjustable ties or threads at the side, you can change the fit as your belly grows. They come in halterneck styles, different strap styles, can be stretchy or fitted.

·         Versatile – being a top piece, they can be worn with any swimsuit bottom you feel like.

·         Flattering – tankinis are flattering for all shapes. You can choose to show a little belly or none at all.


5. Bikini Top


·         Flattering – the traditional bikini top is flattering to all figures and waist shapes and creates the impression of leg length.

·         Support – maternity bikini tops will usually be padded, giving plenty of support for your changing bust size.

·         Unencumbered style – bikini tops are great for those days you want to show off your belly and have more contact with the water.


6. Maternity Swim Skirt


·         Coverage and Comfort – maternity swim skirts provide excellent coverage for when you need it, especially around the bottom area. They are also very comfortable to wear.

·         Belly Fit – skirts can be adjusted to fit your growing belly.


7. Maternity Swim Sarong


·         Coverage – if you’re socialising by the water, a maternity swim sarong gives you extra coverage for when you’re out of the water.

·         Comfort – maternity sarongs are designed to fit around and under your growing belly.


As these examples show, maternity wear is extremely versatile and there are plenty of styles from which to choose. Remember to aim for comfort as well as style, and don’t forget to protect your skin by with a wide brimmed hat and some sunscreen.


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