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Office Chic with a bigger bump...

Posted on 1/04/2009 in

Office Chic with a bigger bump...(part two!)

So, still growing huh? Around the house, normal clothes seem to fit for a bit further into the pregnancy. Until at least the end of the first trimester, and often longer, you can usually fit into a comfortable oversized t-shirt, and your most stretchy tracksuit pants, if that’s your thing. But work wear is a different story. The waistband on tailored pants will often start to feel very uncomfortable against your growing belly well before your pregnancy is even showing. And fitted shirts with buttons will start to look a little tight as your waistline…and bust line…take on their new shape.

So, you’ve made it as far as Wednesday, but you’re still not sure what to wear to work for the rest of the week? I know it’s tempting to make every day of the week casual Friday, but if that isn’t an option, and you still need to dress for impact, go to meetings, and act like a normal member of the corporate world in between rushed trips to the loo, then here are a few more suggestions to keep you feeling good and looking like you mean business as you grow bigger.

For the conservative office, navy blue is always safe, and our puff sleeve v-neck over grey pinstripe trousers will take you through the day in style and comfort (and who said you can’t wear spots and stripes together?) – or for something more bright and sassy, which is just as good for casual wear as it is at the office, we love the scarlet ruched mini dot t-shirt.

As your pregnancy progresses and you’re really starting to stick out in front, tunic and wrap style tops look great over almost any pant or skirt, and they’ll double up for casual wear over leggings or jeans too. Try one of our colourful rayon jersey empire-waisted Betty Butterfly tops with three-quarter length flutter sleeves, or the Ella wrap top.

And for casual Friday? When you’re finally ready to go public in style, spell it out for them with a 2chix maternity tee or two and one of our great denim pieces.
More tips next time….hannah xxx


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