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Mothers Day - a time for pampering

Posted on 12/04/2009 in Style

OK, many of you will be new to this. Whether you are currently pregnant, or have a new baby, to all the new mothers and mothers-to-be, may we be the first to say Happy Mothers’ Day! Now there’s another day every year besides your birthday when you get to feel a little special. And you’ve earned it. Consider the pleasures of all-day nausea, swollen ankles, not to mention labour (which is called that for a reason). And that’s just before the baby arrives! Yes, we mothers really are a special bunch, and Mothers’ Day is the official time for some pampering.

Now it stands to reason that you can’t buy yourself a gift. Well you can, but it’s bad form if you end up having to pay for it too. So the following tips are designed to be forwarded on to your partner, if he has email…or you could just print this out and leave it lying somewhere prominent so he can find it completely by accident…and if you’re even considering thinking “oh no, I couldn’t, could I?” remember that your man may even be thankful for a little push in the right direction. The way I see it, until your unborn child is old enough to bring you a handmade Mothers’ Day card and burnt toast in bed, on a tray they decorated themselves, it’s his duty to get you something on their behalf.

So, new dads and fathers-to-be, (congratulations by the way) here’s a little suggestion list of things you might consider, to show the lady in your life how much you appreciate her at this special time.
How about a Belabumbum bra, either in black or soft pink, with matching girlshorts? They’re comfortable and oh-so-cute. Or a beautiful keepsake necklace designed specially for new mums, with a sterling silver heart on a silk string. For something she would truly treasure, why not spoil her with our limited edition AngelWing necklace with its semi-precious stones and pewter angel wing to watch over your growing baby. Sounds gushy? Trust us, she’ll love it.

If she’s the organised type, the Essential Baby Organizer is a must-have to record all those changes and developments over the first year. And what could be more useful than one of our many stylish bags to carry all the bits and pieces she’ll need after baby is born? We think one of our beautiful baby carriers would also make a perfect gift, and they’re available in a range of limited edition prints like this sumptuous asian floral carrier lined with deep espresso brown.

Of course, if you like to play things safe and be absolutely sure she’ll love what you give her, then why not leave the control in her hands with a Queen Bee gift voucher? They’re available in denominations from $25 upwards, and they come beautifully packaged too.

Hannah xx


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