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I'll tell you about the birds and the bees... Queen mum has landed at Queen Bee

Posted on 1/05/2012 in Style

Hip and stylish maternity wear company Queen mum was started by Renée Bino and Erzsébet Weber in 2002, and hail from the Netherlands. 

Queen mum’s collections are designed, with the main accent on enabling expectant mums to feel fantastic and beautiful. High-quality materials, the perfect fit, and light, comfortable designs are all trademarks of the Queen mum style. 

Maternity clothing is worn intensively for a few months, so using delicate fabrics is out of the question. Queen mum therefore makes its own fabrics in partnership with renowned factories. The result: strong jerseys and exquisite knits. Of course, everything is produced with an eye to creating a good world for all. The fact that many items by Queen Mum are also worn post-pregnancy shows that women feel great in the clothing.

With a vision that that every mother-to-be can feel like a true Queen during those nine special months, Queen mum is the maternity brand for the discerning fashionista during her pregnancy.


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