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Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Posted on 11/02/2014 in Style

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to ditch the romance in your life. It also doesn’t have to cost a fortune – there are many options around for enjoying the day without breaking the bank! 

Looking good

We think the perfect Valentine’s Day starts with a little clothes shopping – after all looking good means you will feel good. And the great thing about being pregnant these days is that you don’t have to feel frumpy or unfashionable. There are some gorgeous maternity outfits around that can help make you feel a little more glamorous – everything from the little black dress to gorgeous flowing maxis, or even a nice pair of jeans and a cool and comfortable top. The options are pretty endless, and there is no need to spend a fortune.

Romantic dinners at home

With your outfit sorted, the next thing to think about is the romantic dinner. During pregnancy you naturally want something easy if you’re doing some home cooking. Romantic meals-for-two options might include one of those quick-and-easy mini roasts you can get these days, along with beautiful roasted vegetables or salad if the weather’s hot. And don’t forget dessert – how about some chocolate-dipped strawberries? Or get a heart-shaped mould and use it to make a jelly or to cut out heart-shaped cake or brownies. Just make sure to avoid potentially risky foods - such as soft cheeses or raw fish. 

While it’s best to avoid alcohol, it doesn’t mean going without a lovely cocktail! Try a pina-colada ‘mocktail’ with coconut milk and pineapple juice and syrup, or a strawberry daiquiri drink made with strawberries, lime juice, sugar to taste and ice. And there are also those non-alcoholic wines you can get from the bottle shop or supermarket as an alternative to wine or champagne.

Going out

Romantic meals out don’t have to cost the earth, but neither do they have to mean eating at McDonald’s. Whether you feel like wood-fired pizza, Asian-style, or French fine dining, you’re bound to find something you like – certainly in the cities anyway. Again, take care to avoid raw meat or fish offerings, and you might want to avoid too much spice, which could cause heartburn – not a very romantic scenario!

So what would you like to do on Valentine’s Day? Tell us your ideas!


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