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How to Dress for Three Trimesters

Posted on 10/08/2011 in Style

A forty week pregnancy is often embarked upon with excitement and joy but also a sense of fashion wonder. ‘What am I going to wear while pregnant?’, is a thought that crosses the mind of many a pregnant woman.

Far from being a time to downplay your sense of style and interest in fashion, pregnancy now presents an opportunity to maintain your sense of personal style and showcase your growing and changing body. Rather than needing to hide their baby bump, contemporary maternity wear allows pregnant women to proudly showcase their bodies through garments that flatter and enhance their shape.

First Trimester:

During the first trimester of pregnancy, and particularly if it is a first pregnancy, many women find that they are able to comfortably wear their own clothes.

Although some women adopt tricks such as unbuttoning their pants or jeans prior to sitting down, this can be a sign that maternity pants are needed. Elasticised bands are often useful in the earlier part of pregnancy as they can be used to cover up unbuttoned regular pants or jeans and can provide some support for your growing belly.

Similarly, a belly that is starting to peek out from the bottom of your regular tops is a definite sign that some longer tops are in order!

Although it isn’t necessary to purchase maternity clothes too far in advance of the time that you really need them, it is important to be comfortable and remember that the sooner you purchase and wear new clothes the greater the value for money you will enjoy!

Many stylish pregnant celebrities choose to wear non-maternity tops and dresses that are available in stretchy fabrics, empire lines and long flowing styles.

Second Trimester:

Having passed what some tend to call the ‘in-between’ stage of pregnancy, early in the second trimester is an ideal time to buy maternity wear. By this time, you are likely to notice that your own pants and jeans are too tight (particularly at the end of the day) and you may also be decidedly showing.
  • Jeans and pants:  Whether or not you plan to buy many pieces of maternity wear, ensure that maternity jeans and pants are on your list. You will get plenty of wear out of these garments and will soon appreciate them for their comfort and potential to match with all sorts of tops and jackets.

  • Bras:  It is often in the first or second semester of pregnancy that many women notice that their cup size has increased. It is uncomfortable and less than ideal to wear a bra that is too tight or poorly fitting and you are well advised to be measured for a supportive bra that you can wear throughout your pregnancy and, in many cases, while breastfeeding.

  • Swimwear:  Purchasing an attractive, comfortable and flattering piece of maternity swimwear is highly recommended. Swimming and aqua aerobics are enjoyed by many pregnant women who testify to the physical benefits and soothing qualities of such water-based activities. Treat yourself to a gorgeous piece of swimwear specifically designed to flatter the physique of the pregnant woman.

  • Dresses and tops:  Wrap dresses, maxi dresses and dresses and tops made from soft jersey materials are popular and wise choices during the second semester. Whether you are working, out and about, shopping or socialising, comfortable dresses and tops are a wise and attractive choice and garments that will be often worn.

Third Trimester:

During the third trimester, it is quite likely that you will be all about comfort! The bonus is that it is possible to be comfortable, stylish and fashionable!

Dresses are a popular choice during the final stages of pregnancy. Many dresses are designed to flatter and cling to your belly and some include interesting and attractive features such as: shirring, panels, sashes and ties.

If you wear nothing else during the third semester, make sure you have plenty of comfortable loungewear on hand. When you are relaxing at home you will want to be comfortable and it is great to know that this can be achieved stylishly.

As your body changes and grows throughout your pregnancy, you can be as on-trend as ever while ensuring that you are comfortable. Choose pieces which are versatile and appealing and pieces that allow you to proudly feature your baby belly at its different stages of development.


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