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How to Dress For A Formal Occasion During Pregnancy

Posted on 24/12/2010 in Style

Glamming it up and going out on the town every night during pregnancy isn't exactly how the majority of women spend the latter part of their nine months, but every now and again an occasion will come up that's too good to miss. But what to wear? If you've spent the majority of your pregnancy in tracksuit pants or other low-key maternity wear, the question of what to wear to a formal occasion might be a bit bewildering. Never fear--this is your chance to have a fancy night out and you can work that pregnant glow all the way to the bank (and if it's not there--hey, that's why they invented bronzer!) Below are a few tips and tricks to ensuring you fee fabulous inside and out for your formal night on the town.

Wear Supportive Underwear

Your boobs have probably grown substantially, depending on what stage of pregnancy you're in, which means you may not have an appropriately lacy or fancy bra to wear with your dress. It's important to splurge on a good, supportive bra that's also sexy (and everyone knows that sexy comes from under the clothes first!) so that you're not constantly feeling uncomfortable or like you're overflowing! Get a proper fitting and buy a bra that works with the dress so you can relax and be safe in the knowledge that while you're out socialising, the girls are staying in for the night, if you catch my drift!

Don't Hide Your Bump

Unless you haven;t started telling people yet or want to keep it a secret, there's no reason to hide your belly. Think back to all the other formal occasions you attended in tight-fitting clothes as a non-pregnant woman, and all the occasions you'll attend in the future--this is an airtight excuse not to hold your stomach in and to be proud as punch of the little life you've got in there!

The Dress

Formal attire usually means floor-length, which works perfectly for a long, flowing and elegant look. Look to celebrity mothers who have successfully negotiated the red carpet looking radiant and choose one that matches your style. For ethereal earth mother look at pictures of Angelina Jolie or Julia Roberts, or for fun and funky you could channel Gwen Stefani. These days there is an increasingly wide range of fabulous formal maternity dresses

It's All in The Details

If the dress you've gone for is simple or a block colour, this is your chance to go crazy on the accessories. Earrings, draping chains and funky cuffs can all modernise and personalise a simple dress so use them to make a style statement. Spoil yourself (or better yet, get your other half to spoil you!) with a manicure or massage the day of so that you're relaxed, calm and in the mood for a great night. 


If you're thinking of killer heels, don;t do it to yourself. You're heavier and have more pressure on your back and feet anyway without the added burden of six-inchers. Keep the heels modest (or better yet, a flat jewelled sandal) and your back and soles will thank you at the end of the night!


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