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What are the different types of nursing access?

Posted on 8/04/2013 in Style
(updated February 2014)

Here is the Queen Bee guide of the different methods for discreet nursing access for breastfeeding clothes.


Quack is at the forefront of nursing wear. These garments have a horizontal opening under the bust. The raw edge hem means the fabric will naturally curl under making the opening almost undetectable.


The buttons are not just for show. Simply unbutton to nurse.

Drop Down

These tops have snap buttons at the shoulders, which reveal a hidden crop tank inner layer.

Lift Up

These have a layer over the bust and lift up at the empire line to reveal nursing openings in the inner layer.

Zippers are extremely functional. Molly Ades has made them a focal point in vibrant orange which reveal a contrast crop tank inner layer.

Button Front

Elegant tops or casual henleys. Undo the button front to reveal an inner discreet layer.


These tops and dresses make use of a ruffle to hide the nursing openings.


To nurse, lift the overlapping criss-cross panels.


Vertical openings are hidden within the pleats and gathers!

Double layer

These tops have a double layer front. Lift the outer layer to access nursing openings within the inner layer.

Cowl neck

Pull down on the cowl neck to find the inner crop layer.

Halter neck

A fusion of fashion and function. Pull down at the front and lift the inner layer to breastfeed.
The Wrap

These have an inner crop tank with a wrap outer layer. The adjustable wrap means that these can be worn for both pregnancy and for breastfeeding.


This is a faux wrap style. Pull aside the outer layer and lift the inner crop layer to nurse.


This is one of the most common styles. The crossover at the bust makes it easy to pull aside the outer layer.

Nursing covers

For added discretion away from prying eyes, these nursing covers double as scarves. 

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