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Five Maternity Fashion Essentials

Posted on 3/08/2011 in Style

For many women, the news and realisation that you are pregnant is wonderful, but it can also be matched with a sense of being overwhelmed at all that needs to be bought, organised and considered. Not only do you need to be aware of everything that is needed for your baby, you also need to devote more attention to your own physical health, emotional well-being and other needs.

Maternity wear is something to which the majority of women turn their attention before too long. Do not be daunted! Maternity fashion is exciting and need not mean that you must invest in a completely new wardrobe of items that you will only wear for a number of months.

Here we take the guesswork and research off your hands by detailing five pieces that are maternity fashion essentials. With these pieces in your maternity wardrobe, you cannot go wrong!

#1:  Jeans

Just as jeans are an absolute must have in the wardrobe of most fashion conscious women who are not pregnant, so too are they a vital inclusion in the wardrobes of pregnant women!

Maternity jeans generally come with an adjustable waistband (typically a wide elasticised band), are produced using a stretch denim and come in a variety of on-trend styles that flatter the bodies of pregnant women. Boot cut, skinny, boyfriend or straight leg are just some of the styles of jean that are available in maternity versions.

A number of pregnant women recommend that if there is only one item of maternity wear that you pay a little more for than other pieces, make it a pair of jeans! Throughout your pregnancy you will get plenty of wear out of your jeans and will be able to dress them up or down. Also, as you are bound to wear your maternity jeans for a little while after your baby arrives, having at least one pair that you really like is important…you need and deserve to feel and look good!

#2:  Swimwear

Maternity swimwear is a great inclusion for your pregnancy wardrobe. Available in stylish and appealing designs and styles, swimwear designed for pregnant women can enhance your shape and flatter your body as it grows and changes through the trimesters of pregnancy.

And, swimming is a wonderful form of exercise that is enjoyed by many pregnant women, for its physical and emotional benefits. Why not take to the pool or ocean in swimwear in which you feel and look fabulous and swimwear that flatters your belly?

#3:  Skirt

Skirts are ideal pieces of maternity wear. Long or short, skirts look great with tops of many varieties (wrap tops, empire line and figure hugging tops) and, with elasticised waistbands, skirts are among the most comfortable and recommended pieces of maternity wear.

Choosing a skirt in a block colour is a great idea as you can then team it with a variety of patterned tops. However, patterned and printed skirts can be versatile inclusions in your pregnancy wardrobe that go wonderfully well with singlet tops, tops of solid colour and jackets.

#4:  Lightweight pants

Pants made of a lightweight material and perhaps in a style such as cargo will be often worn during your pregnancy. Many women find that they wear such pants for all sorts of activities – from shopping and running errands to casual lunches and lounging around.

Fitted t-shirts and empire line tops look great with lightweight pants and although they are available in specific maternity versions, many pregnant women find that they are able to wear non-maternity versions provided that they have a drawstring waistband.

#5:  Dress

Wrap dresses are often incredibly flattering on a pregnant woman and enable a good level of comfort. Dresses made from soft, jersey material are versatile and beautiful in the way that they show off your baby bump and they can be worn for casual and more dressy occasions.

Long, maxi style dresses are also ideal maternity wear – just think of how fabulous they look on celebrities such as Nicole Richie and Kate Hudson. One of the most appealing features of this sort of dress is that they can also be worn after you have delivered!

Along with a number of tops and of course some maternity underwear, this list of maternity essentials has your clothing needs covered! Enjoy the opportunity to maintain your own style throughout your pregnancy and choose pieces that appeal to you while ensuring your comfort!


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