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Posted on 6/09/2014 in Competitions & Promos & Newsfeed

In conjunction with the lovely ladies at Storksak Australia, the handsome Jamie Leather Diaper Bag was up for grabs valued at $335.95.  It was Winner of the Best Changing Bag at the UK 2012 Junior Design Award and also seen on celebrity dad Brad Pitt.

We asked the question why your man would deserve this bag and received so many beautiful entries - a big thanks to all who entered.  It was hard choosing one but congratulations to Chloe for her entry below:

WINNER - Chloe Watts | Thursday, 28 August 2014 

My partner has actually surprised me by how thoughtful and caring he has been. Like many women I thought that I'd just have to make do with feeling sick, tired (more like exhausted) and uncomfortable, pushing myself to get everything done. One of the best things of this pregnancy so far is watching my partner become more aware of me, the things I do around the house, and how I feel. I think he cooked every night for 6 weekes when I could stand going into the kitchen! We've been together for 13 years and this has been one of the most enlightening times of our lives, we're both watching each other change, and I'm happy to say, we are both becoming more caring and aware of each other. I hope this gives us a good start into our first foray into parenthood!

PLUS as we had so many fabulous entries we thought we'd treat these three lovely ladies below a $20 Queen Bee voucher for their entry. Please email us to claim your prize ladies!

Bec walker | Tuesday, 26 August 2014 

My hubby deserves to have a super stylish nappy bag when he takes out our new baby boy and our little princess to let me sleep! But especially because he's been so good to me through this pregnancy; I suffer from terrible pregnancy acne over my face, neck and back, not only does he help pop the spots I can't see, but helps me choose from my queenbee wardrobe to compliment and still tells me I look beautiful!

Hayley | Tuesday, 26 August 2014 

The first thing I asked this morning after opening my eyes was "honey can you please get me a bucket?" He ran naked dripping wet, after just getting out the shower, downstairs to the laundry to get me a clean bucket. He then sat there and rubbed my back while I was sick over and over. He has had unconditional compassion and given me unconditional support every day of my hyperemis gravidarum pregnancy. We've only been married a few months (we're having a honeymoon baby) and I've been sick since week 4. He's been an amazingly loving husband since day one.

Samantha | Tuesday, 2 September 2014 

I have pre-eclampsia amongst other complications. This is our first pregnancy. Hubby had booked a Baby-moon get away for us. But I'm not well enough to go. So he organised an 'in house Baby-moon!'. He has set up an in house 'day spa' (well, his version of one! He is the 'day spa therapist'. It's hilarious watching him try to perform a facial on me.) He is also the 'hotel chef', cooking beautiful meals for me, whilst also morphing into the 'hotel butler', catering to every whim and 'valet parking' my car (in our garage, haha). He is really trying to create a holiday mood for me, as he knows how much I wanted to get away before bubs arrived. I have to say - best Baby-moon and hubby ever. :)

Wishing everyone a very happy fathers day tomorrow!


  • Bec walker | Saturday, 6 September 2014
    Arh wow - chuffed to have got a gift card! Thanks queenbee, you've made my day!xx

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