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Dressed to Zoom

Posted on 20/04/2020 in Style

It’s been said that it’s beneficial mentally to keep to as normal a routine as possible. So even though we might only be travelling to the dining table to work, the process of dressing for work helps with productivity and the ability to switch off and delineate home life.

There is research that shows your clothing has an effect on your psyche and what you wear matters. ‘Dressed for success’ and the ‘power tie’ experiments found that those that dressed up feel more in control than their under-dressed peers.


When working from home, opt for a low-key office style maternity clothing to set the tone for the day. Keeping this routine helps to maintain a degree of normalcy in unsettling times.

A shift dress is both comfortable and ‘zoom meeting’ appropriate and a classic shirt-dress will make you feel confident and focused for the day.

On Top

It’s all about the top. Whilst you may have given in to comfort leggings, when video conferencing from home your top is the key focus. Try a blouse with pretty details like subtle lace or pleating

Add Your Own Sunshine

Colours are often associated with a person’s emotions. During these uncertain times look to colour to balance your outlook. You can add colour with accessories like a scarf to boost your mood. Red lipstick also brightens your face and outfit.

Yellow is associated with happiness and warmth.
Blue is associated with calmness and serenity.

Be like a News Reader

Avoid close stripes. On screen, stripes can cause a weird optical effect called a moire pattern that has a strange-looking wavy pattern. This can also happen with small checks and houndstooth prints. It’s little wonder that news readers tend to wear solid colours. Though, if you’ve set up your Zoom virtual background then avoid wearing green.

Frock up Friday

As work life has been turned topsy turvy, the ‘casual Friday’ is now inverted to ‘formal Friday’ and adds something to look forward to at the end of the week. Having a reason to get frocked up is fun and lets you temporarily forget about the gravity of the situation and why we are all working from home.

Virtual Baby Shower

You’ve waited a lifetime for this milestone moment. Be showered with love virtually with an online baby shower. Send out the e-vites, decorate the space behind you and plan those games. It will be different but will also be an amazing experience.

Now the all important baby shower dress. We love an ultra feminine floral dress for this occasion.

At Home Date

So the dinner and movie night is on rotate but it still feels nice to have a night dedicated together where you dress up in a pretty frock and make an effort for each other.

Exercising at Home

As we head into winter, motivation becomes harder but the benefits are hard to ignore. Those feel-good hormone endorphins boost your mood and get your lymphatic system going which in turn boosts your immunity and overall health.

Try a workout at home or toss on some joggers and a hoodie for a walk around the neighbourhood.

A Celebration of Comfort

With winter approaching we look to more cosy and relaxed loungewear attire. Look to tees and sweats and ever popular leggings to wear around the house.

Our ever popular Mama Journey dress is now available in a cosy fleecy fabric and is so snuggly and warm.

Knit dresses are heavenly to wear and have such a snug and contented feel. Knits have a natural stretch and nicely accentuates your curves.

Need some Support?

If you find yourself a little sluggish, then gradient compression socks and tights are a great way to improve circulation and help prevent swelling.

The Blanqi range helps lift the belly and alleviate the baby weight and helps reduce lower back pain.

The Della bra is a comfortable non-wire pullover bra designed to support the Cooper ligaments from both the sides and from below to maintain your bust shape. Sleep bras are great for those that like a little support at night time.

Pyjama Love

The lure of staying in your pjs all day is certainly a strong one. Our tip, pick a pair that you can wear to answer the door for a delivery.

Stay safe everyone xx


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