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Calmness and Relaxation During Pregnancy

Posted on 25/06/2013 in Pregnancy & Baby & Well-Being

A mother’s mood and ability to remain calm and relaxed during pregnancy is hugely important for her own health and the well-being of her baby. It is widely understood that unborn babies are influenced by the behaviours, health and emotions of their mothers so there is never a more important time to be as calm and relaxed as possible.
To promote tranquillity and relaxation, there are a number of wonderful activities that can benefit mother and baby:
Prenatal Yoga:  Pregnancy yoga is a big favourite of many as it enables a woman to stretch, move and relax. In these specialised classes, women can also learn some helpful techniques for labour and childbirth, including: breathing techniques and poses that can help facilitate birth and manage pain.
Meditation:  Learning to quieten the mind is a wonderful skill to develop and one that is particularly helpful during pregnancy. Meditation can bring a sense of calm and peacefulness to many people and can be beneficial to a pregnant woman as she prepares for birth and the changes that a baby’s arrival will inevitably bring.
Water-based activities:  Many pregnant women claim that immersion in water feels amazing. In particular, they enjoy the experience of buoyancy taking some of the weight and pressure from their legs and feet. Swimming is also a great form of exercise for women who may have had to curtail participation in more vigorous physical activity.
Massage:  There is no better time to indulge and reap the benefits of massage than when pregnant. As the baby grows and the mother’s body expands and changes shape, pressure tends to be build on joints and muscles and massage can provide some relief.
Of course, pregnant women need to be aware that not all massage is appropriate or soothing during pregnancy. A specialised pregnancy massage is recommended and should be delivered in a position that is comfortable for the woman who may be very heavily pregnant.
Sleep and Rest:  Take advantage of the ultimate form of relaxation – sleep. Getting lots of sleep and capitalising on opportunities to relax is important during pregnancy and almost always recommended by health professionals and experts.
Rest is generally important because some pregnant women find that their ability to have unbroken sleep is compromised. Being up a number of times throughout the night makes it quite difficult to be comfortable, so snatch up those quiet rest times when possible.
Preparation:  Some women find that they can only be calm and relaxed when they feel organised and have accomplished all the big preparation work prior to their baby’s arrival.
Some expectant mothers find it helpful to read information and take classes relevant to labour, childbirth and caring for an infant. However, women should be careful about where they access information.
While our first source of advice is usually stories from people we know, it can be best to avoid listening to the horror stories some are so eager to share to stay relaxed!

There are many things that a pregnant woman can do to help her and her baby to relax. Remember there are no rules and ultimately, it is best for the woman to do the activities that she wants to do and finds most beneficial.


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