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Beyonce and Her Baby Bump

Posted on 18/12/2012 in Style

Celebrity pregnancies always get a lot of attention, but very few have endured such a wild ride as Beyonce’s famous baby bump. From a dramatic unveiling to outlandish and scandalous claims that questioned its authenticity, Beyonce’s baby bump went through it all. Of course, she put all rumours and wonderings to rest on January 8, when she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl: Blue Ivy Carter. Still, it’s fun to look back on the infamous period of time that was Beyonce’s pregnancy!

The big reveal

The Single Ladies singer skipped the regular PR route to make her big announcement. Instead of taking to the MTV VMA’s signature black carpet to unveil her surprise, she decided that more elaborate methods were in order. During her performance at the VMAs of Love on Top, she stopped mid-way through the song and said “I want you to feel the love that’s growing inside of me,” as she unbuttoned her coat to show off her growing belly. While everyone watching was celebrating and the Twitterverse was a-gaggle, Jay-Z and his buddy Kanye West rejoiced from off stage.

Is she or isn’t she?

The rumour mill was given a lot of fuel last October during an appearance she made on an Australian television show when her baby bump seemed to “deflate” as she sat down. This lead to a whirlwind of speculation that Beyonce wasn’t actually pregnant, and that she was instead wearing a prosthetic bump.

Since then, the videos on YouTube that show close-ups of her belly “folding” in on itself have had hundreds of thousands of views by fans who want to see the proof for themselves. A host of pregnancy analysts have given weighed in as well, resulting in mixed reviews. Of course, Beyonce’s reps were quick to dismiss the reports, and the singer only continued to talk about how grateful, blessed and excited she was to be having her first child with husband Jay-Z.

Styling the bump

As with many celebrity mums-to-be, Beyonce was more than keen to show off her bump with her elaborate maternity style. For her, the biggest style moment was when she was considering maternity dresses for her big reveal at the MTV Video Music awards. She apparently went through about 70 gowns before finally settling on a flowing orange Lanvin caftan.

As her pregnancy progressed, there were numerous photos of Beyonce staying true to her signature style, only with more flowing fabrics to accommodate the bump. She admitted that she loved maternity fashion, and trying to figure out which maternity clothes made her feel sexy and edgy was a lot of fun. Despite being heavily pregnant, she was never caught out without her signature stilettos!

Maternity fashion fever

During her pregnancy, Beyonce seemed to have fallen in love with maternity fashion. She had so much fun wearing and shopping for maternity clothes that she announced that she would be coming out with her line of maternity wear for expectant mothers. The line will be released under her House of Dereon line, and will have plenty of flattering, flowing and sexy pieces in it.


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