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Belly Beautiful in Black

Posted on 30/04/2009 in Style

Every season some colour is touted as being the hottest new thing, but somehow classic black always remains in fashion. Most of us will have a few pieces of black clothing in our wardrobe, and some of us have plenty, not to mention shoes, bags…because black goes with everything and can be worn to almost any occasion. And black comes with an added advantage. Remember the old adage? Everything looks smaller in black.

During pregnancy some lucky people seem to limit their size increase to growing a beautiful compact bump out the front, while the rest of them stays exactly the same. But for many of us, pregnancy is a time when we grow…and grow…and what used to be our waist has well and truly disappeared by the end of the second trimester, or even earlier. If this sounds like you, if your bump is sizeable and you’re feeling…ahem…very curvaceous…then a little fashion ‘black magic’ may be called for.

Pregnant actress Jessica Alba (seen here well into her pregnancy, and she is rumoured to be carrying twins!) used black to cover it all up at a recent appearance.

Of course, if you’re feeling petite and gorgeous, but just want a few classic pieces which you will look fantastic wearing anywhere, we would also suggest you add some black to your maternity wardrobe. While we’re on the subject of people with compact bumps, it’s no longer any secret that Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio is pregnant. Yup, that’s the kind of person who clearly doesn’t put on 10 kilos in their first trimester. But even she has been seen stepping out in black, so it goes to show that it’s the perfect look for all shapes and sizes.

What are our suggestions to have you feeling sleek and fabulous for all occasions, from a day at the office to a special night out? For great work pants, you can’t go past the classic Bengalin trousers or the perfect work trousers, both with plenty of stretch where you need it, and on the weekend you’ll be comfortable and stylish in modal cotton black pants or leggings, with an over-long ¾ sleeve maternity Henley top. Under it all, the Black Lotus bra and girlshorts are also super cute (what girl doesn’t need more underwear?) and so is the matching nursing chemise, all in black but with cream lace trim. Two super versatile pieces you can dress up or down to wear anywhere are the off the shoulder top and the babydoll dress by LIL. Need something for a wedding or a special night out? The Ella wrap dress is gorgeous, and you’ll really shine in the black Sparkle evening dress. UK songbird Charlotte Church wore the same one in cream.

love hannah


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