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Author Amanda Starling shares a snippet of her Pregnancy Experience

Posted on 20/04/2015 in Pregnancy & Baby

Amanda Starling author of Mumma To Be 
Guest blog by author Amanda Starling

My expectations of pregnancy had been misconstrued somewhere along the lines. My delusional thoughts made me believe pregnancy was going to be a flawless and peachy perfect journey. Within weeks my peachy theory faded away, along with many misconceptions. I was introduced to a whole new level of psychosis, a pregnant hangover that I thought would never end and so much more. Not exactly what I was expecting, but I was lucky enough to encounter some memorable moments too. The first ultrasound brought me to tears; it was the beginning of many memorable moments. Hearing my baby’s heart beat for the first time was an absolute delight. When I took my first positive pregnancy test, I had to take three, just in case. Hmm, perhaps the psychosis stemmed from the foetus stage. Once I had confirmation on my pregnancy I felt invincible, I was going to be a Mumma!

My first trimester was testing. I had a pregnant hangover and a new found perspective on pregnancy. Although it was challenging, I loved every moment of my growing belly (well, not the stretch marks), nothing quite stains the heart like love you have for your baby. 
The lead up to your due date...

“When you are a few weeks away from your due date, rest assured this part will go painfully slow. I was feeling like a beach whale with hairy legs and sleep deprivation due to my big hard belly getting in the way. Needless to say at this point I was more than ready for the baby to come. So do you try to bring on labour using natural methods of induction? Or do you simply suck it up and realise we really have no control on when our baby is going to come into the world? 

Well for me I was a little impatient so resorted to all the “myths” on how to bring on labour naturally. I was more inclined to bring it on. A lot of friends around me had babies well before there due date and of course had myths as to why and how they came so early. These were first time mums also. Ok clearly I was deluded, every pregnant woman is completely different so you can’t rely on someone else’s experience and hope it might reflect your own, but caught up in the moment I was willing to try anything (natural and safe of course).”

Enjoy the ride; capture the magic that is happening to you, the little bundle of joy that is growing inside of you that will be life changing for the better. I promise! 

Amanda Starling

Mumma To Be by Amanda Starling

Grab a cuppa, some chocolate (or the entire block), prop those swollen feet up on the couch and enjoy this light heartened read about a first time mums challenging journey through pregnancy, child birth and the first three months of motherhood.  

Enjoy the helpful tips that will reassure you you’re not the only one whose weight has gone beyond all expectations, come to the realisation that feeling sexy during pregnancy is a myth, feeling overwhelmed that the growing baby inside of you needs to come out and learning the due date may have well been made up. From tearful tantrums, financial freak outs, baby brain and so much more Mumma to Be is a must-read for every pregnant Mumma! 


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