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The Art of Choosing a Baby Name in 2017

Posted on 23/01/2017 in Pregnancy & Baby

Having a baby is an exciting time and among the many things to consider from will be a name, which i’m sure will be high on your priority list.

Choosing a baby’s name is often a hard task for any new parent. With so many things to consider such as the meaning of the name, the spelling and even how unique that name is. Is it a nice name to hear or say, does it flow with your family name and sometimes what will the family think of it and more to the point, do you and your partner agree on the short list?

According to an article from the Daily Telegraph, demographer Mark McCrindle, Aussie parents are opting for names of “sophistication and substance over quirky spellings or compound names” and refers to these as “Rising Stars” in 2017. These include for the Boys – Harvey, Beau, Chase, Thoedore and Carter and for the Girls – Addison, Penelope, Ariana, Frankie and Charlie.

Nameberry.com short listed 100 “elite” baby names that they feel will be symbolic to our times and serve him or her well as they grow. These include for the Boys – Benno, Clark, Felix, Monty, Otto while for the Girls – Astrid, Clara, Felicity, Mirabelle and Sadie. Why not check out the full list of 100 here to help you decide.

Good luck with your new journey into parenthood and feel free to share the name you chose for your little bundle of joy below.



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