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A guide to the best iPhone apps during pregnancy

Posted on 22/06/2011 in Pregnancy & Baby & Well-Being

Whether you're pregnant, trying to get pregnant or a new mum, chances are that Google has become your best friend in recent times. New and expecting mums notoriously Google even their slightest concerns and use modern technology to stay informed and up to date on how to stay healthy, happy and safe during pregnancy. With the expectant mum's need to stay informed in mind, we've created a list of the top 5 iPhone apps for you to download during pregnancy. From apps that let you find everything related to pregnancy including 
maternity wear and doctors in you area, to apps that provide that helpful contraction timer when you're too distracted, these handy apps will have you sailing through your pregnancy and beyond! Be warned, however--the creators of these apps might know how to make useful gadgets for women, but when it comes to naming them it seems they lack any talent whatsoever!

Woman Calendar

The unimaginatively named app might not look like much at first, but it's an interactive calendar that you can customise to your own cycle and record key dates---so whether you're trying to get pregnant, trying not to get pregnant, or trying to monitor your pregnancy, you'll always be on track with this gadget.

Pregnancy Pregnant

Again with the exciting names, huh? The app is actually very effective, and records the length of your pregnancy, giving you weekly progress updates and fascinating information about the stage of development your baby is in. You'll be amazed as you see the progress tracker move along.

Foods to Avoid When Pregnant

When you're pregnant, it can seem like there's a whole world of food that is off limits (well, certainly a whole dairy aisle!). This app is a way to check up on what is and isn't allowed whenever you like, and is very helpful on those restaurant lunches when you're trying to remember exactly what your doctor said about soft cheeses...

Contraction Master

This is pretty cool--not only does this app time your contractions and record them for you to monitor, but it has a function whereby you can connect it to your doctor's iPhone and send them your information in real time. Finding a doctor who is willing to let you have his or her personal phone number on the other hand...good luck!

Maternity - Pregnant? Shop for your Pregnancy and Baby

A ridiculous name but a very useful app. Looking for a good maternity swimwear provider nearby? How about an obstetrician in your area? This app can be customised to find you the best local options, along with a whole host of other important information.


  • Jen | Tuesday, 28 June 2011
    Thanks for the list. I really like the pregnancy app Sprout. Great baby pics and they have an Australian version. Keeps me organised!
  • Sam | Wednesday, 8 February 2012
    You forgot bumpwatch - I got weekly updates of my bub and it doubles as a fertility tracker for the next one.

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