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Felicia: How to Keep Cool in this Heat!

Posted on 12/03/2014 in Pregnancy & Baby & Well-Being

Being in my third trimester IN summer – I now understand the meaning of ‘feeling 10 degrees hotter than everyone else’! Here’s some tips on how to keep cool this summer during your pregnancy:

1. Stay in Air-conditioning!

If you’re lucky enough to have air conditioning at home, then my suggestion – turn it on! The bonus is that a/c can cool down a whole room or whole house! This way you can still wander around doing whatever you need to be doing, even if that be nothing at all ?

If you’re not so lucky, you could either try wandering around the shopping centre (until you get sore feet!) or hang out in the cheese/meat section of the supermarket!  

If you feel a bit ridiculous doing that, then treat yourself to a movie at the cinemas, there’s always air-conditioning in there! My suggested time of day is in the middle of the day as there are less people and usually it’s the hottest time of day.

And lastly on the a/c side of things, you can always drive around aimlessly in your car with the air-con on!

2. Get a fan

It’s not quite like air-conditioning but it would be the next best thing. The only disadvantage is that the fan doesn’t follow you around the house, so you usually have to be more or less right in front of it to have any effect!  Perfect excuse for a lie down though and just have the fan blast at you. Oh and the bigger it is, the more powerful it is ? like the one at my PT’s gym ?

Another awesome tip that works with fans is spritz yourself with an one of those Evian mist sprays. Just spritz yourself before you jump in front of the fan and you’ll feel cooler instantly!

3. Go for a swim

Since you’re warmer than usual, it’s actually really nice to dip into the ocean as you’ll find it very refreshing! I’m lucky enough to live near the beach so I have taken a lot of opportunities to go for a swim – and my baby seems to like it! Even if you can go in knee deep and wear a big floppy hat to protect your face from the heat (hopefully with a slight cool breeze). The salt water feels amazing on your skin too!

Or if you’ve got a pool, just stay in it till the sunsets – ok, maybe not all day or you might turn into a prune. Occasionally if the sun isn’t out, I might go down to the local public pool to have a bit of a swim and splash – it’s great on the body too because as you get heavier it takes some weight off your legs with your extra buoyancy! 

4. Ice pack

I have one of those gel ice/heat packs which are awesome because it acts as an ice pack when I throw it in the freezer for a bit and then I can wrap it around my neck or wherever I feel the need to cool down the most. It’s a double bonus as you can heat the pack up in the microwave and use it as a heat pack on your achy back to relieve sore muscles.

Alternatively, I’ve found myself to put one of those freezer ice blocks on my feet – once you cool your feet down, the rest of you will begin to cool down too!

5. Cold shower!

If all else fails – have a cool shower!  I’m usually having two showers a day when the evenings don’t cool down as much as I would like – I’m just so sticky and we don’t have the luxury of air-conditioning, so a cool shower usually does it for me, then I jump into bed with a fan on as well if I feel I really need the extra coolness!
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