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6 of the Best Maternity Fashions

Posted on 20/07/2011 in Style

Pregnancy presents a wonderful time in your life to celebrate your sense of style as well as the wonderful changes that are occurring within your body. No longer should you believe that your changing shape needs to be concealed by farmer style overalls or shapeless tent dresses. Modern
maternity wear is designed to flatter your body, allow you to be comfortable and as stylish and fashionable as were prior to pregnancy.

Just as an incredible amount of attention is (and should be) devoted to your physical health and well-being during pregnancy, it is also important to consider how a woman feels during pregnancy. For many women, the feelings that they have about themselves are influenced by their appearance and how they are dressed. Many women really do care what they wear during pregnancy and with more variety now available in maternity wear, there is no reason for a woman to feel discontented with their pregnancy clothing.

So, what are six of the best maternity fashions?

#1:  Clothes that fit the body

Don’t be afraid of fabrics that fit your pregnant body. Fabulous and stylish tops that are made from pregnancy-friendly materials flatter your growing bump while still accommodating future growth. Shirring and tie backs are among the most popular features of such tops as they are flattering, on-trend and comfortable to wear.

#2:  Hems just below your belly

The form of the pregnant woman is almost invariably flattered by tops or dresses that have a gathered hem that sits just below your belly. Such dresses and tops help to create an appealing shape and will enhance your curves. Perhaps most importantly, such garments are comfortable and this becomes increasingly important as your stomach grows and expands.

#3:  Long skirts

Long skirts made of a soft jersey material are timelessly fashionable. Paired with a cute or sophisticated top that shows off the shape and size of your bump, this outfit looks great when finished with hot accessories and a pair of ballet flats or thongs.

#4:  Jeans

Jeans are an absolute must have during pregnancy. You will be amazed at the wear that you get from your jeans and the way that they can enhance your shape and comfort as well as make you feel as fashionable as wearing your designer-label versions! Maternity jeans come in a range of stylish cuts and shapes, with many featuring elasticised bands that are not only inconspicuous but supportive. Jeans with knee-high boots create a sensational and highly fashionable look.

#5:  Swimwear

Swimming represents a form of exercise that is enjoyed by many pregnant women for its benefits on physical and emotional levels. Refrain from thinking of your grandmother’s bathing suit and start thinking of stylish, modern maternity swimwear. Contemporary maternity swimwear is versatile, available as bikinis, tankinis, swim skirts, sarongs and one piece styles that come in a wide range of block colours and prints. Celebrities such as Jessica Alba rock have looked gorgeous in maternity swimwear, emphasising just how important and appropriate it is for women to be proud of their pregnant shape.

#6:  Wrap dresses

Never look past a wrap dress for appeal, comfort and versatility! Just as a wrap top can be attractively matched with skirts, jeans and shorts, a wrap dress generally compliments your curves and can suit women of all body shapes and sizes. A further benefit of the wrap dress is that it can accommodate the constantly changing waistline of the pregnant woman!

Pregnancy is a wonderful and very exciting time. Just as you become more and more excited about the growth and changes occurring inside your body, pregnancy is also a time to maintain your sense of style and be as fashionable as ever. Never believe that maternity wear needs to be unflattering or drab. Much maternity wear is now so fashionable that it is being purchased and worn by women who are not pregnant!


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