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5 of the Most Stylish Pregnant Celebrities

Posted on 30/11/2011 in Style

So many of us look to celebrities for our fashion cues and doing so while pregnant is no exception. In fact, many contemporary celebrities have revolutionised
maternity wear and shown that it is entirely possible and appropriate to show your personal style and sense of fashion, even when sporting maternity clothes.

It seems that there has been something of baby boom amongst celebrities and when it comes to gathering ideas and style tips from pregnant celebrities, we have been thoroughly spoilt in recent years. Celebrities have not only shown us how to dress during the day and in the evening, but have also enlightened us to the possibility of wearing gorgeous maternity swimwear and beautiful maternity sleepwear.

When it comes to pregnant celebrities, there are (and have recently been) many to watch. Here we look at five of the most stylish of these.

#1:  Nicole Ritchie

Nicole Ritchie has proven twice that being pregnant does not mean that a woman has to sacrifice her sense of style and commitment to fashion.

Nicole Ritchie all but introduced us to the now popular world of pregnant women comfortably and stylishly wearing skinny leg jeans or jeans that taper in at the ankle. Pregnant women everywhere have been applauding her since!

Long flowing dresses and tops and a bohemian feel is characteristic of Nicole Richie’s style and this is often successfully replicated by pregnant women who care about fashion, style and comfort.

#2:  Heidi Klum

Mother of four, Heidi Klum has repeatedly shown that is possible to be stylish and pregnant, regardless of whether you are at home, playing in a park or attending an A-list event. Heidi Klum has looked fabulous in casual t-shirts and pants and equally as fabulous when heavily pregnant and walking the red carpet in a dress that hugged her baby bump. In fact, Heidi looked every bit as (if not more) sophisticated, polished and impeccably styled as her non-pregnant contemporaries.

#3:  Gisele Bundchen

A little bit different to some other celebrities, Gisele Bundchen continued to keep her rock chick style throughout her pregnancy. Gisele was often photographed or otherwise seen wearing dark coloured skinny jeans, leather jackets and boldly printed t-shirts. Black boots were often used to enhance her style and complete her outfit.

#4:  Victoria Beckham

An obvious devotee of fashion and designer wear, Victoria Beckham did not allow this to wane during her most recent pregnancy. Instead, Victoria continued to wear cutting edge fashions made by some of the world’s foremost designers (and from her own fashion range) and contentiously continued to sport incredibly high heels.

#5:  Natalie Portman:

On at least two red carpet occasions, Natalie Portman showed that pregnancy served to only enhance her fashion sense. In some incredible formal maternity dresses, Natalie was certainly among the ‘best dressed’ and looked not only beautiful and sophisticated, but glowing and radiant.

Just as they have the power to do when not pregnant, celebrities who are expecting offer us many inspiring and stylish ideas of fashions and looks that are incredibly conducive to pregnancy and flattering to the body of the pregnant woman.


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