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Pregnancy Wardrobe Starter Kit

Updated on 7/02/2022 in Pregnancy & Baby & Style

Welcome to Queen Bee and congratulations on your pregnancy! We recently received an email from a lovely lady who is pregnant with her first and wanted to know where to start with buying maternity clothes......

Pants Extenders

Maternity pants extenders are clever devices that work by attaching to the existing button and button hole. These are very useful at the start of your pregnancy as they allow you to wear your existing pants/jeans/skirts for longer without the need to purchase new clothes.

Another way to extend your existing wardrobe is the belly band. These will help keep your trousers up if they are unbuttoned. As your belly grows you will find your tops become shorter and a belly band can act as a top extender with a layered look to keep your belly covered. Belly bands in a technical seamless knit also offer compression and support which can help reduce abdominal and back pain experienced later in pregnancy.

Queen Bee's Pregnancy Kit Essentials

Work Wear

If you plan on working throughout your pregnancy you'll need some maternity workwear foundation pieces - just add a jacket (unbuttoned of course) to complete your outfit.

Dresses are a one-and-done solution for speedy mornings; a shift dress is timeless and always office appropriate; and shirtdresses have that polished collared appeal. A dress is a great option for those that don't like any pressure on the belly.

Pants are fashion staples and can be worn to work, casually or for the evening. We stock a great collection of pants from Floressa which are our best sellers and a great all-rounder - perfect for work - with a foldover waistband that can be worn over the belly or folded under your bump.

Queen Bee's Pregnancy Kit Essentials


When you get home you'll want something comfortable to change into. Maternity leggings are destined to become your new mama uniform. Wear them exercising or just lounging at home. If you are working from home, then leggings are your new pants. Leggings come in under-belly and over-bump styles with a range of fabrics; cotton for everyday wear and technical knits for activewear.

Queen Bee's Pregnancy Kit Essentials

Sleep Wear

A good nights sleep is essential. While you're growing a tiny human you don't want any niggling seams or restrictive styles causing discomfort. Our Moselle sleepwear range is our #1 best selling nightie and great to include in your hospital bag.

Queen Bee's Pregnancy Kit Essentials

Maternity Underwear

Comfy undies can make the world of difference to your day. There is also hosiery available in a range of styles.  If you suffer from back pain then browse the Blanqi range for a supportive bodystyler - I really wish I had one of these when I was pregnant! Compression wear is the latest thing to treat tired legs.

Queen Bee's Pregnancy Kit Essentials

Maternity Bras

During pregnancy a woman’s breast can undergo a rapid increase in growth. A maternity bra is designed for these growth fluctuations. Most pregnancy bras are made of a seamless fabric with can stretch a few cup sizes which is essential for comfort and support and are ideal for the first trimester. 

Queen Bee's Pregnancy Kit Essentials

Pregnancy Skincare

Pregnancy is a dramatic change for your body so don't forget to look after your skin. We have a range of natural belly butters and oils to help minimise stretch marks. These tend to be richer in order to maintain moisture, suppleness and elasticity.

Queen Bee's Pregnancy Kit Essentials

Making Memories

The journey to mama hood is a new chapter in your life which you won’t want to forget. Capture every life-changing moment with a milestone card or journal.

Queen Bee's Pregnancy Kit Essentials

Lastly a Word on Sizing

We recommend to stay with your pre-pregnancy size as most garments are cut to accommodate your changing shape. Please note that just like regular clothing, each brand is sized differently and the specific product or designer's size chart is available on each product page. 

... and on Nursing

It may be too early in your pregnancy to think about, but if you plan to breastfeed then we recommend to consider clothing that doubles as maternity and nursing wear. So when the time comes, you already have clothing to allow you to breastfeed easily and discreetly.

As a welcome treat here's a little offer just for you - enter NEWMUM5 at the checkout to receive 5% off your first order! (click here for t&cs)

Enjoy a stylish pregnancy xx

Queen Bee Maternity


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