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5 of the Best Pieces of Maternity Swimwear

Posted on 28/12/2011 in Style

Many women turn to the water for relaxation and exercise purposes throughout their pregnancies. Water can have some incredibly therapeutic benefits and particularly for pregnant women, the weightlessness and buoyancy that is experienced is truly wonderful.

In or around the water is a great place for a pregnant woman to be. It then follows that stylish and comfortable pieces of maternity swimwear should be available for expectant mothers. Here we take a look at five of the best pieces of maternity swimwear.

#1:  Halter necks and adjustable straps

Just as we tend to love non-maternity swimwear that allows us to be creative through the adjustment of straps, maternity swimwear that features straps that can be changed is perennially popular. It is great to be able to change the straps on your swimwear so that halter neck, tank style straps, a tie behind the neck or even a strapless bandeau style can be accommodated.

As with non-maternity tops and other pieces of maternity wear, versatility, ‘fashionability’, comfort and style are all important when it comes to maternity swimwear.

#2:  Tankinis

Tankinis are a wonderful choice of swimwear for pregnant women who do not want a one piece but do not fancy the idea of a bikini either. Maternity style tankinis effectively cover the growing belly of the pregnant woman while allowing her to look fashionable and stylish and reflective of contemporary trends.

Such swimwear comes in a range of styles and some gorgeous colours, patterns and prints.

#3:  Strapless styles

Just as strapless bathers are popular in non-maternity styles, they are similarly popular and just as stylish in maternity versions. Many expectant mothers notice an increase in the size of their bust while pregnant and take full advantage of the opportunity to wear swimsuits that enhance this.

Also, features such as side ruching enhance the look and comfort of many different pieces of maternity swimwear, but very often enhance the appearance of strapless styles.

#4:  One piece

One piece is the swimwear of choice for many pregnant women because so many stylish, highly fashionable and supremely comfortable options are available. Just like other maternity clothes, including maternity dresses, one piece maternity swimsuits often feature interesting details and embellishments. It is not uncommon to find some incredibly stylish designs that include such features as: beads, metal detailing  and even sequins.

#5:  Swim skirts

A piece of maternity swimwear that is increasingly popular is the swim skirt. These skirts are designed to enhance appearance and increase the comfort of the pregnant female. Some ladies feel most confident when their bottoms and the tops of their legs are covered -- the swim skirt provides the perfect solution for this.

Just as other pieces of maternity swimwear come in a wide range of on trend colours, designs and patterns, you can expect to find that it is a similar situation when it comes to swim skirts.  

Pregnancy is a time in which a woman should feel good about what she wears and do all that she can to enhance her well-being. The purchase of a fashionable and high quality piece of maternity swimwear can certainly help a woman to look and feel her best and because so many stylish options are available, many women quickly realise that their sense of style and interest in fashion can be enhanced throughout their pregnancy.


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