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medical compression stockings

Cankles? Varicose veins in pregnancy? Find relief with graduated compression stockings in knee high, thigh high and calf sleeve styles 

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Maternity Compression Stockings

True graduated compression stockings help prevent and relieve varicose veins in pregnancy, and aid in the treatment of swollen ankles and feet.

What is Medical Grade Compression?

Graduated compression levels above 20mmHg are considered medical grade. Your doctor will prescribe which compression level is best for your individual circumstances.

How Does Graduated Compression Work?

Graduated compression works by squeezing the leg tightest at the ankle and gradually decreasing upwards. This helps counteract gravity and assist the blood flow back to the heart. Arteries expand and contract but veins have thin walls and compressing the leg muscles this way helps keep the blood moving.

Graduated compression levels above 20mmHg are considered medical grade.

Benefits of Class 2 Moderate Compression

  • helps relieve tired and achy legs
  • helps in the treatment of moderate to severe edema, swollen feet and ankles (aka cankles)
  • improves blood flow through the legs
  • helps prevent and relieve moderate to severe varicose veins
  • helps control the progression of varicose veins, DVT and spider veins
  • ideal compression level for nurses, doctors and those who endure, long strenuous shifts

Note, compression level class 2 should only be worn upon consultation with your doctor