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Winter Mama

Posted on 16/07/2010 in

queen bee maternity clothes


Well they say that a pregnant woman's body temperature is warmer than usual, but that's still not quite enough to get you through the winter, especially when your growing tummy may be leaving you with a breezy gap at the waist when you try and squeeze a bit more use out of any pre-pregnancy tops. When the weather gets cooler, comfort becomes more and more important. I know that when winter really hits, I often feel like staying in my PJs and slippers all day, and that's still sounding pretty tempting as we head into chilly August.

When you're overtired or a bit lacklustre (and let's face it, we can all experience this to some extent while we're pregnant or breast-feeding), sometimes you don't feel so inclined to make an effort with your appearance. Particularly if it means being uncomfortable or cold. Well, here at Queen Bee we think there's no better way to stave off the winter chill than by slipping into your fave pair of comfy jeans. Queen Bee offers a great range of maternity jeans which look fantastic with a whole bunch of different maternity wear. For a wintry bohemian look, team your jeans with some old cowboy boots, and anything from our knitwear section, and you'll be snuggly and warm in no time!

If you want more of a layered feel, try one of Queen Bee's lovely sculpted maternity tops (long or short sleeved) with a cropped jacket and scarf. Layering is a really good idea when you're pregnant; that extra couple of degrees of body heat means you never know when you might need to shed a layer.

Once you've picked out your perfect jeans, (make sure you check out our maternity jeans style guide) get relaxed and ready, because it's Jeans for Genes Day. I know that I always feel really great when I can give something back, and now I can do it while I am pregnant! With Queen Bee's fantastic range of maternity jeans, you can look and feel fabulous while participating in one of the most charitable events of the year.

Jeans for Genes Day is about children, and about raising funds for tomorrow's scientists for tomorrow's children. So what better participant than an expectant or breast-feeding mum? And what better way to show your support for such a great cause than by slipping into any of our great styles from our maternity denim section? Elasticized waists and low-rise styles ensure that comfort, as well as style, are the order of the day.

There's another pretty special date looming on the horizon. 1-7 August is World Breast-Feeding Week 2010. World Breast-Feeding Week is a chance for mums around the world to unite and show their support for this really important part of the mothering process.

Breastfeeding is one of the most important aspects of parenthood, in terms of time, nutrition and the all-important bonding between mother and child. And yet the wrong clothing can make it more difficult for a woman to nurse freely when she needs to. You don't want to put your life on hold when you've had a baby but sometimes it can be a little impractical to breastfeed in public when you are out and about.

So how does the modern woman combine the desire to breastfeed with a busy lifestyle? Why not check out Queen Bee's snappy range of nursingwear to suit every occasion, at home or on the go. Team any of Queen Bee's fantastic breastfeeding tops with your new Queen Bee maternity jeans or anything from Queen Bee maternity and you will be supporting two causes at once! For all us breast-feeding mummies out there, Queen Bee's wide range of attractive breastfeeding clothes mean we will never need to compromise style for practicality again.

'til next time!



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