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Why the Fascination with Pregnant Princesses?

Posted on 6/03/2012 in Style

No matter how much we love a celebrity pregnancy, is there anything better than a pregnant princess? Absolutely not! Our fascination with all things royal is only made stronger when it is announced that a member of the aristocracy is carrying a baby – possibly a future king or queen. And, with the new breed of royals – such as: the Duchess of Cambridge and Australia’s own Princess Mary – holding such great appeal, we can’t help but be intrigued by pregnancy and princesses.

Catherine Middleton:

Arguably no one in the world is currently generating more hype about an imminent pregnancy than Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William. Ever since the wedding of Catherine and William in April last year, there has been non-stop speculation that the popular royal couple are expecting a baby or actively trying to conceive.

Tabloid newspapers and glossy magazines have been full of stories suggesting that the Duchess desperately wanted to fall pregnant within the first year of marriage and follow in the footsteps of her late mother-in-law, Diana, in conceiving very soon after her nuptials. While no pregnancy has been confirmed and the Duchess’ fashion choices and personal style have been closely studied and commented upon, it seems that there are many people in Britain and beyond who would love to see her sporting maternity wear, maternity swimwear while holidaying in places such as the Caribbean and eventually, a baby in her arms.

It is also apparent that everything Catherine does is closely watched and interpreted as signs of a blooming belly. For example, when the Duchess declined to try the peanut butter while inspecting a UNICEF aid package destined for East Africa, this was taken as a sure sign that she was pregnant. Similarly, when the Duchess has carried her bag in front of her abdomen or has opted not to drink alcohol at a number of events, it has been widely assumed that she is an expectant mother.

Although this speculation of pregnancy may be a little premature for William and Catherine, the pair has made no secret of their intention and desire to one day have children of their own. When that time comes, the world will be eagerly watching and taking cues from the maternity fashions worn by the Duchess.

Princess Mary:

When it comes to stylish royals, few have ‘done pregnancy’ better than Princess Mary of Denmark. With 3 pregnancies and 4 children to show for them, Princess Mary maintained her image of classic elegance and sophistication no matter whether she was wearing an evening outfit, breastfeeding top or casual dress.

There is no denying that Princess Mary has done very well. Not only has she, with her husband Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, produced a direct male heir to the throne (Prince Christian), she has produced a further 3 gorgeous children – Princess Isabella and twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine. As a mother, Princess Mary appears to take an active and ‘hands on’ approach and always carries herself with grace, dignity and composure.

The importance of royal children:

Aside from wanting to be parents and creating a family of their own, members of royal families are under some added pressure to produce an heir to the throne. Of course, Princess Mary has more than achieved this expectation and obligation and the quest to produce a male heir to the British throne has now been removed with the passing of law that a female has an equal right to the throne as any male. Should the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a daughter as their first born, she will follow her father as next in line to take the throne.

The fairytale:

Ultimately, it seems that the intrigue we have for royalty is largely grounded in our fascination with the fairytale of Cinderella, in particular pregnancy and the birth of children within royal families. We love women like Princess Mary and Catherine Middleton – ‘commoners’ or everyday people that have literally met a prince, fallen in love, married and produced (or testified that they aspire to produce) children. There is a seemingly huge amount of romance and magic involved and it is as though we are able to live vicariously through such women.

In fact, these princesses have such appeal that it can feel as if we know them personally and have accurate insight into their personal lives.

With a new breed of accessible, engaging and charismatic young royals having grown into adults, it seems that our fascination with pregnant princesses will only continue.   


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