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Why Jeggings Are Your Best Friend During Pregnancy

Posted on 21/12/2010 in Style

If you've ever been pregnant, you know what it's like to try to find fashionable clothes that fit and are comfortable. Of course, there's maternity wear, but if you want to indulge your inner fashionista it's often difficult to find maternity clothes that are current in terms of trends. This is why I would like to raise my glass (orange juice, of course) to whoever invented jeggings. These are not only currently hot in terms of trend, they are the most comfortable pair of jeans you are ever likely to wear. "Jeans?" I hear you gasp---"But it's my third trimester!" Settle back ladies, and prepare to have your worlds rocked...

Jeggings are a relatively new fashion invention that are leggings made to look uncannily like jeans...without the unforgiving and uncomfortable issue of denim. Before you gag at the thought of faux denim, allow me to explain. Yes, there are some jegging manufacturers who clearly didn't get the memo that they were meant to look like jeans, not a screen-print of a picture of jeans, but there are many, many brands and styles out there that I'd challenge you to be able to tell the difference without touching (and let's face it, how many random strangers would be cool with that?)

Skinny-jeans are here to stay (at least for a while) and they're the perfect staple piece to mix up with the long, flowing tops that are in style at the moment (another godsend if you're pregnant!). The bad thing about skinny jeans, however, is that they require the wearer to be...well...skinny! No longer is this an obstacle. 

Wave goodbye to the hideous elasticized waists that look like they've been cut out by a five-year-old and stitched to the top of a pair of Grandma jeans--the best thing about jeggings is that non pregnant people wear them too! That's right--even runway models are rocking the jeggings look, so if you're feeling a little out of the fashion loop  with the old nine-months hiatus, jeggings are the perfect way to slide right back in.

Part of their beauty lies in their versatility--you can wear a pair with an oversized printed tee, leather jacket and flats for yummy-mummy day-wear, or glitz them up a bit for a night on the town with a demure tunic top over jeggings with boots! You can ever wear jeggings underneath your maternity dresses for that funky, layered earth-mother look, or rug them up in those winter months when all other pants seem like murder!

Ok, so there's the low-down on jeggings. They're relatively inexpensive, can be worn when you've had your baby, and are bang on this season's tight-legged look. I'm off to grab myself a pair now!


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