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Ten Things to Love About Pregnancy

Posted on 17/08/2011 in Well-Being

In the grand scheme of things, pregnancy is a brief but amazing time. While pregnancy is certainly a time of growth and change, it is also a time in which there is much to celebrate and enjoy.

Here we provide ten great things to love about pregnancy and the experience of being pregnant:

#1:  Discovering that you are pregnant is fun and special for many people. One of the most beautiful things about the time before your news is widely shared is the sense that you have an amazing secret that will soon enough be revealed. On this point, another thing to love is the opportunity to come up with some surprising and creative ways to share your news!

#2:  If you are interested in fashion, pregnancy can give you a new and exciting interest in maternity wear. Many women are delighted to discover that their personal style can be maintained and even enhanced throughout their pregnancy. Far from needing to dress unattractively and in shapeless, bland garments, contemporary maternity wear is on-trend, stylish and flattering to the pregnant form.

#3:  Taking time to look after yourself through relaxation, exercise and other activities is something that is really enjoyed by many women. Pregnant women testify to the benefits of pursuits such as yoga, pilates, swimming and aqua aerobics (and the range of gorgeous maternity swimwear that is now available creates even more reason to take on these activities).

#4:  Putting your feet up and wearing comfortable shoes are seemingly simple things but ones that are heartily enjoyed and recommended by many pregnant women.

#5:  Taking the opportunity to rest is something that is not always available to all pregnant women (particularly if they already have one or more other children), but snatching some extra naps and hours of sleep is certainly something to love if you can get it while pregnant!

#6:  One of the most amazing experiences of pregnancy is hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time. As this is likely to occur at about the twelve week mark, and before you feel any movement, this is an experience that tends to make the pregnancy believably real. Hearing your baby’s fast paced heartbeat is the most concrete sign of the life inside you that is possible at this stage of pregnancy and one that often makes a woman feel more connected to the baby she is carrying.

#7:  Charting the course of your pregnancy can be a fun activity and one that you will almost certainly look back on with great interest. While some women keep a pregnancy diary and record milestones such as first movements, cravings and details from antenatal appointments, capturing evidence of your changing body through photographs is a great way to celebrate your pregnancy. Some women suggest taking a photograph every month in which you wear the same outfit; this really enables you to see how your body changes over the months.

#8:  Just as hearing your baby’s heartbeat is amazing, feeling your baby move is definitely something to love about pregnancy! Experiencing the kicks, rolls and turns can be a surreal but definitely a precious and special experience.

#9:  Pregnant women do have a tendency to glow. Not only is your hair likely to be more lustrous, thick and shiny than ever before, many women find that their skin is also lovely during pregnancy. Enjoy these changes to your body and accept the compliments when people tell you how great and healthy you look.

#10: If people treat you well and in a more accommodating way than they otherwise might, enjoy it and accept it – you deserve it! Fortunately there are people in society who will go out of their way to assist a pregnant woman. This is something to love about being pregnant so accept their generosity and kindness.

Pregnancy is an amazing time in a woman’s life and a time of preparation and anticipation. Enjoy the forty weeks as much as possible and focus on the many wonderful things to love about being pregnant – this list only scratches the surface!


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