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Preparing Your Wardrobe for Pregnancy

Posted on 26/03/2013 in Pregnancy & Baby & Style

When you become pregnant there will be many worries on your mind and many things that you will have to prepare for. Preparing your wardrobe for pregnancy and for the stages afterwards is one of those things and can be an exciting and enjoyable aspect of this period. There are many fashions now available for the pregnant woman and it is absolutely possible to continue your stylish look. Read on to see what we consider what you will need in your wardrobe during pregnancy.


The first important things to buy are clothes for comfort. Being pregnant can be very uncomfortable at times and you will need to be able to unwind and relax without feeling restricted. Clothes that are loose and stretchy will enable you to relax during your pregnancy but it is important that you feel sexy in them too. Many maternity clothing retailers will have wide selections of comfort clothes for you to browse and choose from to ensure that you look the best even when you are lounging around at home.


Many women need to look smart for work, even when they are pregnant. Business maternity clothes are now readily available, so this is not a problem. You may need to buy business clothes in several sizes so that you can keep looking well dressed as you grow. The benefit of this, however, is being able to shop repeatedly for clothes to make yourself look good during pregnancy.

Evening Wear

Whilst pregnant you will still want to be able to go out and look good, particularly on evenings out with family and friends where you will be the centre of attention. Finding dresses that you can wear with your bump will help you to feel more confident and comfortable within yourself as you grow in size. It is even possible to buy a designer maternity dress, so big events like weddings will still give you an opportunity to look stunning.


During pregnancy your body will go through a lot of changes and one of these will be an increase in breast size. As your body prepares to produce milk for your baby, your breasts will get larger and it is important to prepare for this. Investing in some larger bras in advance of the growth is an important step so that you don’t find yourself in discomfort as you increase in size.

Comfortable Shoes

No changes will occur to your feet, but you will increase in weight and in doing so will put more pressure onto your feet and ankles. For this reason it is very important to ensure that you have comfortable shoes to wear throughout all stages of your pregnancy. Buying some padded insoles is also recommended to help ease the burden placed on your feet as you walk around and stand all day.

Treat Yourself

When you are pregnant there will be a great deal of hormonal changes occurring in your body and you will find your emotions running wild at times. Treating yourself to some nice clothes and some comfortable attire is a good way to help you cope with the pressures of pregnancy. It is important to be comfortable within yourself and in how you look during pregnancy because your mental state will impact on the health and development of your child whilst in your womb.


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