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Pregnancy Checklist: What Needs to be Done Before Baby Comes Home

Posted on 25/02/2011 in Well-Being

Bringing home your new baby for the first time is possibly one of the most momentous occasions in your life. It's the first time you properly introduce your new addition into your normal life, and it's the first home your baby is ever going to have. Before the baby is born, it's a good idea to try to be as organised as possible in terms of getting the house (and your life) ready to bring a child into. Sure, you've had a baby bag packed for months ready to go as soon as labour kicked in, but what about the practical ins and outs of life with a newborn at home? Here's a checklist to help you plan!


When you return from the hospital you'll be in something of a daze. You won't be able to believe that this perfect little person is the product of your own body, and you will not get sick of staring at your baby. As a result, things like eating, sleeping and cooking will definitely seem inconsequential and small. Of course, you need to do these things so it's a good idea to have some frozen meals ready to go for when you come home--this way, you won't need to think of what to make for dinner or getting to the grocery store (a near impossible task in the first week anyway!)

Help List

This is vital for every new mother. You need to have a list of the pediatrician's number, the hospital, your partner's contact details and anybody else who you'll be relying on. If you've got a friendly neighbour, put their number on the list, because things you never even thought about before the baby will become difficult tasks to navigate in those first weeks while you're finding your feet. You want to have people accessible to you if you need help, and most importantly, don't be afraid to ask for it!

Baby Equipment--Have it, And Know How to Use It!

Change-tables, strollers, child-seats and cots all need to be set up in advance, and what's more--you need to feel confident in using them. Some strollers seem to require an engineering degree to operate, so whichever model you buy, make sure it's one you can operate with a baby in your arms!

Nursing Pads, Nursing Bra and Lanolin

A lot of mothers think all about the maternity gear but not a lot about what to wear once they've given birth, such as a nursing bra. Getting the knack of breast feeding can be challenging--you don't need to complicate the situation by fiddling around with difficult bras while you're sore and holding a hungry baby!

More than any checklist, what you need to bring with you is the knowledge that there is help available should you need it, and that you are going to be a fabulous mother!


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