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Office Chic with a Bump! Part one

Posted on 31/03/2009 in Style

Well, I ended up finding I had so much to say about what to wear to work that I’m saving some for next time! It really is one of those eternal dilemmas. Let’s face it, from that first moment of nausea to the last interrupted night’s sleep, pregnancy is full of new challenges, and what to wear to work is one of the first problems you’ll face as the weeks pass and your tummy grows. Why is it such a hassle? Probably because many of us wear fitted, tailored clothing in non-stretchy fabrics to the office most of the time, and these just aren’t compatible with pregnancy. Add to that the issue of whether or not you’ve told your boss and workmates yet, and you’ll see that the whole thing really can be a bit of a minefield. So I thought I’d start this week with clothes you can wear to stay comfortable at work before your pregnancy is really obvious.

First, a few general tips. Remember that your body is warmer than normal during pregnancy, so if you normally wear a long sleeved shirt and a jacket, maybe ditch the jacket, or wear three quarter length or short sleeves underneath. Layering is always good, so you can take a layer off if you feel too hot. And you’ll need clothes with some stretch, so they can grow with you. Replace those crisp cotton tailored shirts with tops in soft stretchy cotton jersey.
Our wide neck burgundy top is a great look for the office, layered over our all-purpose cami or tank top and paired with our beautiful soft modal fold over skirt or charcoal work pants. Any of our puff sleeve jersey tees (it comes in two light and two dark shades) will go well with these pants too. The Seraphine pleated v-neck sleeveless top would be perfect under a jacket if you’re trying to stay cool, and the neckline is extremely flattering. Hmmm, actually perhaps this is a good time to mention that work colleagues may notice your newly enhanced bust before they notice your tummy getting bigger, as many people experience an impressive change in their cup size early in the first trimester.

Many of the above tops are cleverly styled with ruching at the sides or over-long waist so that they still look great even on a small tummy early in pregnancy, but will comfortably grow with you too. Queen Bee specialises in clothes which look like normal fashionable wardrobe items, but which use the best modern fabrics to give stretch where and when you need it. So if you’re still keeping your pregnancy…um…under your belt, so to speak, none of these styles will give anything away.

More tips next time….

hannah xxx


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