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Introducing BLANQI - From Imagination to Realization

Posted on 10/04/2012 in Style
Our newest designer, BLANQI, have brought a new concept to maternity wear.  Their range of feminine, alluring, audacious & stylish shaping pregnancy support garments are extremely popular throughout pregnancy & beyond. 

Sabina Melarti and Valerie Darragh, in their late-20's and new moms, realized that they were both combining and altering existing garments, creating a brand new product of their own that fulfilled their need for both fashion and function. 

Their innovative designs provide the support & comfort all mums to be are looking for during this stage in their life. 

The built-in belly support belt alleviates the weight of your baby & enhances comfort while the X-shaped back panel anchors & lifts, distributing your pregnancy weight & reduces stress on your body.

Sabrina & Valerie built the company from the ground up, researching day and night, educating themselves on everything from seamless manufacturing to how to write a patent. With the support from their advisory board, and the loving patience of their family, they set out to help the BLANQI girl remain as glamorous and fashionable as ever throughout pregnancy and beyond.


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