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How World Vision Helps Children Overseas

Posted on 23/12/2013 in Integrity & Charities & Newsfeed
At Queen Bee, we appreciate how lucky we are to live and run a business in this awesome country. Australia is full of opportunities that many people around the world would give anything for! Because of this, we like to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves, and consider it our privilege to do so. 

That is why we sponsor two children through World Vision. Sponsoring helps to improve outcomes for kids in developing countries - from health and education to potential income and life expectancy. The things we take for granted – such as clean drinking water, access to healthy food and literacy - become more possible for children sponsored through World Vision. 

Girls in particular can benefit from being sponsored - especially if they are to avoid being married-off at a very young age. According to UNICEF, one in nine girls is given in marriage before the age of fifteen. This is because their families may see this as the only option for providing for their future. This is also likely to interrupt their education and future earning potential, and World Vision is working towards bringing about an end to this practice of young marriage.

When you sponsor a child, you get to keep in contact with him or her through letters, e-letters, or even through visits, and World Vision will provide you with regular feedback and reports. This way you get to see how your contribution is helping to make life better for your sponsored child and his or her family.  I personally love to receive their photos and drawings and would one day love to visit them.  It also enriches my children's lives as they see what we do at Queen Bee to help others less fortunate.

Sponsorship for a child costs less than $2 per day. Would you like to help? If so, click on the World Vision link for more information, and to find out how you can help one or more of these kids to have a better future.



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