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How to Rock Maternity Fashion this Winter

Posted on 13/07/2011 in Style

As the days get shorter and chillier, it becomes more difficult to stay warm, comfortable and fashionable in maternity wear all at the same time! This winter, in both maternity wear and non-maternity fashion, it's all about layering and neutral tones with splashed of rich (rather than bright) colours.


The tights trend has definitely carried over from 2010, and again this season we'll be seeing lots of tunic-style tops with tights or leggings underneath. Tights are no longer simply black standards that you buy three pairs of and move one--the tights trend has moved into a realm of its own this season with animal prints, lace, patterned tights and jeggings moving into the limelight. The thing to remember is that if you are going to wear patterned tights, remember they can add bulk, so balance them out with neutral or black on the top and let them do the talking!


Flats are very hot right now which is music to the heavily-pregnant woman's ears, and rugging up in winter is all-too tempting with a range of flat, supportive (more music) and chic motorcycle and riding boots available. For swollen ankles or lower legs, motorcycle boots are probably the best bet, as these can be adjusted and look fantastic worn slouchy. Riding boots give a more polished look and sit further up the calf, but are great for supporting those ankles as your body shifts.


Oh, layering, how we love thee! This season there are so many hot new trends that you'll have to get into layering just to wear them all! Because it's all about neutral tones this season, we're recommending casual and generous white tees with long cardigans in grey or brown, teamed with neutral, loose-knit scarves and of course, this season's must-have jacket, the shearling, (leather with a cosy sheepskin trim around the collar) worn open. Another hot trend this year is the cape/poncho, perfect for rugging up during all stages of pregnancy and so bang-on trend that you'll feel like you've stepped straight off the runway. Choose one in camel, grey or cargo green, or go a little wild and choose a patterned cape.


Maternity swimwear (in fact, swimwear in general, it seems) tends to leave the shelves during the winter months, but for those of us with changing bodies who still enjoy swimming at the gym or indoor pool, this can be a bit of a problem. The best option is to jump online and check out some maternity swimwear outlets--they'll be sure to have a diverse range to choose from, and what's best, they might even be on sale...


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